Casting Call #8 of 2018 - Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire Sept 25th - 26th


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For interest:

Read carefully...opportunity for a couple of days paid work if you are in that area:

--------------- begins --------------------
We have been asked to provide a large crowd of men and women to be extras for a period drama filming in LACOCK near CHIPPENHAM, Wiltshire
Filiming dates: 25th and 26th September. You will need to be available for BOTH filming days plus a costume fitting in LACOCK the week before (17-21 September).
Please ensure that your Services To Film profile is as current as possible (incl. measurements and good clear images - front / side / back). Sign up, or update your profile at: ""

Time is short so please share this with your FB friends. We will need to conduct an initial sift in the next 48 hrs.

If you want to be considered please send an email to - with the Subject Line: "Castle".

Other details:
Rate of pay: Normal FAA/PACT rate - if you are unsure see our previous posts or google (Minus - 20% agency fee. 100% of our profits go to our partner charity)
Age Range: 20-70 years old
Height - 5ft2" - 5ft8"
Dress - 8-12 UK
Shoe - 3-6 UK
Shoulder length or chin length hair
No obviously highlighted / crazy coloured hair, it all needs to be fairly natural
No obvious tattoos or piercings
No gel nails, acrylic nails or painted nails
No tattooed eyebrows
No fake tan or anyone that is too tanned
Height - 5ft7" to 5ft11"
Chest - 38" to 42"
Waist - 30" to 36"
All men must be happy to be clean shaven and or have a moustache and must agree to haircuts if necessary
All: No visible tattoos

------------------------------ ends -----------------------------------------------

Hopefully Arrsers are by now aware that this is a serious work opportunity, not a gag,bite, wah or wind-up.

Hopefully, by now, everyone is equally aware that all the jokes about fluffers, casting couches and Luvvies etc etc have alrerady been done in earlier threads, better than your version.

" Do.....or Do Not
There is no 'TRY'..."

Enjoy folks,

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I hope you have the required quotas of minority groupings; a 'non-crime hate incident' could be recorded otherwise.


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Mate any film set I've ever been on has more bleedin' nationalities represented than the UN in NYC over Christmas.

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