Casting call 5 /18 Herrick veterans

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I’m in.


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Services To Film - Casting Veterans
28 May at 22:20 ·
PLEASE SHARE! We are looking for a small team of British veterans and/or reservists to take part in a major feature film about US forces being filmed in BULGARIA in Summer/Autumn 2018.

We are looking for people as follows:

- Male
- Age 20 – 40
- Operational experience in Afghanistan (preferred but not essential)

Outline details:

- Rate of pay: £800 per week (AFTER agency fees of 20%. Note: 10% of all company profits go to our partner charity Walking With The Wounded.)
- Project duration: Approximately 10 weeks, commencing in mid/late August (applicants must be available for the duration of the project)
- All food, travel and accommodation will be provided

To be considered:

Please make sure you have created a profile that is up to date on our website "" and send an email with the title “BULGARIA” to

------------------------------- endit -------------------------

@VALCON - We got this now ?

Genuine offer of work to those who fit the bill. Reputable agency set up by two former LD guys who played French soldiers in the film of Les Mis - and said
' hang on - we can do this more professionally '

They also supplied genuine former servicemen for the Brad Pitt Afghan thing 'War Machine' ( including me - ten days in Abu Dhabi)
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I’m in.
Mate - you think you're joking?

The last thing I did with this lot there was a young guy playing a Heer double amputee on camera as Brad Pitt and his gang rolled past in working Shermans. ex Royal Irish if I recall.

Mil tank adviser was a guy called 'Sting' - ex WO just retired from the LDs.

The age limit might bust you but if you think you have the chutzpah ? - go for it :thumright:
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Update from the agency:

Services To Film - Casting Veterans
11 June at 12:27 ·
AUGUST-OCTOBER 2018 - BULGARIA - THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING RESPONSE!!! We are now generating the first cut; there are a huge amount of responses to process; please bear with us. To assist us please ensure that your profile is as complete as you can make. Including photos which comply with the Photo Guidance on the STF website services-to-film. Again thank you for the great response.

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