Casting Call #16....yam yams!

Is this for real?

  • Yes.long days not particularly lucrative but yes.

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  • No, Goats just posts this stuff for sh1ts & giggles

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Oroight yow ?

2020 Casting looking for people in West Midlands

Read this first
Number 1 : all the jokes about casting couches,fluffers and Carry on up the Extra have been done,better than yours.

Number 2: a number of Arrsers make the odd beer voucher doing this stuff . It pays, not enough and infrequently,but in negotiable coin of the realm.

Number 3: Do....or do not...there is no " try"

Linky here

Extras wanted for shooting in and around Birmingham.

We are currently looking for people who have easy access to the West Midlands.

Please find further details below:
Production: TV Series - Current Day
Roles: Men & women
Pay: Great rates of pay!
Shooting dates: TBC (October, November, December)
Shooting Location: West Midlands, Various.

If you are 16 years old and older then you could be suitable for a role!

Please note: If you are already registered then you will automatically be shortlisted - please ensure that photos and measurements are all up to date!

If you are not on our books then please register at and we will be in touch with you if you are suitable.

Please share this opportunity with your friends & family or anyone that fits the brief.

2020 Casting team
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And if you need some practice....


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