Casting Call #1/2021 - CORNWALL


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Hi Arrsers,

another genuine work opportunity, this time addressed to people living West of the River Tamar:

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We are casting extras for a medieval drama filming in Cornwall You must be over 16, have your own transport and live in CORNWALL. Preferably with long (naturally coloured hair)

Find out more/apply Urgent Film Extra Castings | The Casting Collective

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NOTE ; I have been re-posting these opportunities on a fairly regular basis since 2014...try a seacrh on 'Casting', Thread titles, , by Goatman and have a look at some of the others.

It's not a scam, its not porn and its not a joke. Military experience is not required.

[ But for this particular call if you can ride a horse ( eg secure at canter) let them know, because you might get some extra cash.]

It's just another opportunity to make a few bob if you have time on your hands and live in the right areas.

A few people on Arrse ( myself, @Joker , @Ravers etc) have done this stuff.
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The main problem for most people is AVAILABILITY - tends to be at short notice. Calls can involve a 6 am start and occasionally night shoots.

Lot of hanging about, waiting for stuff to happen with not much to do. In the current environment they are HYPER about Covid-19. So for a one day shoot last week I had to get TWO successive swab tests, both of which were negative before I could proceed to sit about getting cold in Winchester.

The grub is usually quite reasonable - and free.

The Company advertising has been in the business since about 1997 - one of the larger casting outfits, not two men and an apprentice in a garden shed in Totnes.

This from the Casting Coll website gives a flavour:


Or do not.
There is no try.
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Medievil drama featuring all ethnicities?

Will it be in BBC1 or BBC2?

Seriously though I'd be up for it but you are too far away.


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So go for it then. £140 a day ?

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