Caster? No honey for sure!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Caster Semeyana the South African athlete has apparently been given a no-knobs ticket by the IAAF. Her coach has further stated "Pull down her trousers and you'll see she's a woman."

    Talk about a low risk statement. You would have to be absolutely off your fcuking trolley to want to investigate her lady-boy credentials. The danger of anyone getting as up close and personal with Caster as that is infinitesimal.

    Now normally you can guarantee that however boot-faced an old doris is, there will usually be someone who's prepared to give them the good news. We have for example a number of Anne Widdecombe fans in the ranks of Arrse - men who are even now blocking out the Saturday nights for the next series of Strictly. however i cannot believe that anyone - except perhaps Jarod and 5A - would seriously consider giving the good news to this strapping young man...woman...thing.


    More of a man than I'll ever be!
  2. Even the name gives it away: "Semen?" "Ja!"
  3. to be fair, I always thought Dame Kelly had a touch of the lady-boy about her!! maybe they're related??
  4. There doesn't seem to be a feminine gene in her entire body. The reason Anne Widdicombe would get it from some of the sicker persuasion (however revolting the thought) is because you know she's a woman......ish. Caster here, unfortunately for h/er*/im* is devoid of any feminine feature's.

    Miss Widdicombes knockers, although fat and pendulous, are still there for all to see.

    Caster has a couple of asprins on an ironing board, which quite frankly are just some man nipples.

    Miss Widdicombe has had Edward Scissorhands hack away at her barnet but, there is still the faintest whiff of femininity.

    Caster, has gone to the Rio Ferdinand School of Wank Corn-rows and, that really hasn't help her cause.

    Some people may see Miss Widdicombe as an untapped mine of sexual deviency, which, when opened will lead them to untold filth and erotic experimentaion.

    Caster looks like she would knock fuck out of you and then use you as some sort of giant clitoral*/tiny cock* stimulator, leading to a booming and spine chilling climax.

    * delete as required.
  5. Well thanks for that duckula! I would agree she is certainly not a "girly" girl. she isn't even a feminine bloke. When I see her I am reminded not so much of some African delight, more of Colour Sgt Bourne..."Zulus sir, thousands of them..."

    Even this outrageous piece of fancy dress and spin doesn't help redeem the lady....

  6. I thought we were talking about Caster Semeyana? What the fuck has Jermaine Jackson got to do with it? Make your mind up Cuddles.
  7. He might be germane to this discussion.

    Personally I'd sooner fuck Doncaster. She looks a lot like a pre-op transsexual who's never contemplated being a woman and who still works as a doorman and that's in the picture on the magazine. Looks a lot like Katy Priceright's boyfriends in drag.
  8. Caster? Pollux, more likely.
  9. ...make over or not she still looks like Frank Bruno's eldest son
  10. Son? She looks like his armpit.
  11. Well Caster has won her first race since passing her gender test, but she thinks she can go faster still. She says she has yet to go balls out!

    Hat, coat, etc.
  12. Well if nobody else is man enough, I'll volunteer to give "her" one.
    Remember, you're only a puff if you take it.
  13. She's a fine looking figure of manliness, I'll give you that Cuddles. But in the pack of beasts that are female athletes she'd be whimpering for scraps. I'll remind you of the true Alpha man-bitch ... our very own Fatima:


    Any takers on a Fatimer/Caster sportsmans double?
  14. I thought this was a discussion on the benefits of using honey as opposed to Castor Sugar, not some gossipy bitch rant about a Yarpy lady boy.
    and yes I would reminds me of when I was in Mombasa, she pushed back too after I pulled her wig off
  15. Fat Ima has one hell of a Saturday night gap on her in that pic'...