Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blasted, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. A group of 13 people are going to spend three months out on an island off new zealand having to fend for themselves. The line up of contestants looks like the usual dross but there is one who might stand out.

    Kenneth Rose

    "Kenneth, 65, from Essex spent 22 years in the Royal Marines and says he's still a military man at heart.

    In civilian life, he's pursued his interest in photography. He's also skilled at DIY, carpentry and can kill animals and fish for food.

    Ken admits he doesn't get angry easily but can come across as aggressive without realising it.

    He says: "At my age it might be the last chance to do something outrageous."

    So how long till they get nekkid and have to fight with roll mats, whilst keneth gives the loser a boot to the head?

  2. I'd ruin most of the young ladies going, ruin them for the other men anyway. Who says they can't "interact" with one another...? :plotting:
  3. What about the fat one, looks like hurley of lost, if you cant catch anything you could eat that fat fukcer, he should feed about 15 for 6 months.
  4. Ken is going to have fun with Alister.....

    Alister, 24, from Leeds describes himself as an unpublished science fiction writer. Influences include Buffy, Angel and 24.

    The self-confessed couch potato lists his friends to be his TV, his computer and his hi-fi.
    Previous jobs include a chef and hotel night porter.

    He says: "I feel it important to show those 'big-boned' young people out there that feel bullied and persecuted that there's a place in society for them."

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear.......
  5. And how long before Joe Chicken is on somebody's menu?
  6. More than a couple of weirdos in there. Particulary impressed by Jason Ross

    "Jason, 37, is currently unemployed and a recovering drug and alcohol addict. He's been clean for 18 months.

    A qualified carpenter, he has a seven-year-old son who he describes as one of his biggest personal achievements.

    Originally from London, and now based in Kent, Jason likes his food and is worried about shortages on the island.

    He says: "I'd like to gain a sense of self, a deeper respect for life and learn how to cope with the bare essentials."

    So, one of his biggest achievements at 37 is to get some bird up the duff. He must be catholic ;-)
  7. Urrrrm,

    forgive me for my ignorance; but what's the deal with HASSAN Im-a-non-practising-muslim KOBEISSI.

    Surely he's not a Muslim??
  8. I'm a non-practising castaway.
  9. Im hoping that ken will go a bit crackers, run off and set his own camp up (one that works) and run late night attacks on the enemy, maybe even taking one or two hostage and doing things that normally only booties do to each other.
  10. nope, still confused ms
  11. If I'm a non-practising castaway.

    Then surely I'm not a castaway?
  12. Yes... that would be my point about the KOBEISSI dude
  13. I was agreeing with you.

    And not just practising at agreeing.
  14. Jonathan Shearer
    Never heard it described as that before.
  15. He looks a bundle of laughs.

    In a Norman Bates sort of way.