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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. An Oil Rich Middle eastern state

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  2. A former soviet state with fit chicks

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  3. Some South American gaff with plenty of coca to export

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  1. I've had an idea. The way this government is going the armed forces is going to be an empty shell in a few years and lets face it. We're a shadow of our former selves on the world stage.


    If we can persuade Dannat to Lead us on a mighty campaign to any Country/Island in the world. Over throw the local population and call it "The Fourth Reich".

    Once there The RAF can provide the ever late National Airways. The Navy can do all our import export and the army, well I'm sure we'll find something to do.

    Where would we need to go to live happily ever after however not lose too many on the initial invasion and occupation???
  2. Somewhere with Palm trees would make a change
  3. Basra has Palm Trees. Be very careful!

    Venezuela have been mouthing off a bit lately. The women cant be that bad and I'm gonna bet flogging oil to the yanks would go down well.
  4. Grenada? They didn't give the Clint and his boys too much trouble
  5. I've heard of a nice little island, beautiful rolling hills, peaceful lush and verdant grasslands, used to be an omnipotent world power. Recently been peacefully invaded via its open borders and lack of political control by any foriegn national that was bored of their homeland. Its location?...........................................

    North of France west of Ireland and east of Norway
  6. I was thinking Palms without bomb damage or bullet holes... :)

    As long as the Navy dont do the map reading we'd be ok..
  7. Got a speshul mirror image compass have we? (Or do we hold a commission?)

    Or have I completely missed the point? (if not I echo the sentiments completely)
  8. Erm, wouldn't that be the North Americas?

    My suggestion? Tonga. Dunno why, just always liked the name and it's nice and sunny.
  9. King of Kafiristan fit the bill? All you need is two camels and some Martini Henry rifles. Apparently.
  10. You mean approx 26000 miles east? In which case I agree, Stornaway is lovely for 3 mins a year and there are sheep, which is a bonus if you like that kind of thing.

  11. I take it you bought your compass of Captain Jack Sparrow.