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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by barbarasson, May 21, 2006.

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  1. This weekend 2 Div ran a BG 7 Questions exercise at Catterick. While obviously by no means perfect it was a very interesting weekend. What did anyone else think, and why cannot Div/Bde get more organised in running other officer professional development courses, notably from my point of view MK training?
  2. It was a very intersting weekend and I agree that more officer training would be welcome but MK1? Its dull enough having to learn it individually I'm not sure a weekend of lectures would be beneficial, JOTACs the practical side to the training after all.
  3. exactly, it is very dull. more importantly though it is hard to learn when doing it in bits and pieces and when not dealing with it every day. Most regs I know who have done it recently have either done a block course in house or been prepped with crib cards etc. We do not have this luxury, so a study day to reinfrce learning before testing would be beneficial. If our regular counterparts take twice as long to do MK1 as it is meant to, I don't see how we are meant to do it as fast, especially without support. Regular units have many subbies who come in and need it each year, without that demand at a unit level training will be ad hoc for us. Hence the value of centralised training.
  4. Try getting the RTC's to lay on the trg. They wil have manpower although time might be a showstopper. One Bde in the 2 Div area did a set of trg and tewt before the very last Lt/Capts exams which was for both Reg and TA and it seems to have been well recieved. Get the Trg Majors to push for it with your CO's. You never know it may happen ?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    TA eMK1 should cut down the workload to 20 hrs.

    How exposed this will leave us when compared to our regular counterparts on JOTAC remains to be seen....

  6. Precisely, our prep work is cut then JOTAC remains the same.
  7. You'll all be delighted to know that the doctrinal knights who run JOTAC will come to a location of your chosing on a weekend mutually agreed and give you a day's worth of the 7Qs with no questions asked. This is a power point special but it is rounded off with a good worked example and most have benefited as long as they have wanted to. So, if you want yer CE on a plate, packaged up neat as can be, then force your Trg Maj to contact JOTD and ask. If you offer a night on the lash as well then that's great.