Cast announced for Lucas war drama `Red Tails


New film to be made by Lucas :roll:, but the subject is an interesting one - the story of the Tuskegee Airman - the first group of US black military pilots who served in WW II.

Cuba Gooding Jr . and Terrence Howard will star.


Do they win the Battle of Britain, and then win the war by themselves, and only a passing remark about us Brits. I suppose that Tom Cruise will make an appearance.


Will Samual L Jackson get to play the badass Sqn Leader? Will he get to shoot some muthafuking Germans?
Lot of buzz in Warbird circles on this one. There is definitely a big push on authenticity and this film being about Flying and Fighting. Lucas has wanted to do a proper air combat film for years , I really thought he'd start with Goodbye Mickey Mouse. Looking forward to this, hoping for more Tora 3 than Pearl Harbor :(

Though CGI technique has come on since then. For example, this sequence is produced by an enthusiastic amateur. So imagine what it would be like with a couple of Mil thrown at it?