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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mussolini93, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Did the photos of the 81mm mortar round look dodgy to anyone else. I thought it was just me.

    I always thought Russian stuff was 1 to 3 mm larger than NATO stuff just to make the ammo incompatible. Why are the Iraqis using 81mm when its not a Russian calibre ? And like the guy says why is it written in English ?
  2. Don't know enough about Iranian weapons but doesn't the arms trade work on the arabic numerical system?
  3. The Turks build to the old US 81mm mortar (M29 of the top of my head) specs. The Iranians have been manufacturing RE versions since the 1980s using datapacks acquired under the Shah and from a certain UK arms firm no longer in existence.
  4. No. The Arms Trade will flog whatever it can get is hands on. Manufacturers will make ammo to whatever specification you can provide.
  5. You misunderstand - I meant that hte way they label their ammunition - that is they label it in the arabic system, the one we use.
  6. I didn't misunderstand. No. What good would that be to someone who reads Chinese or Arabic?
  7. I thought that the system we use as westerners is the arabic system.

    Is it not?
  8. Hindi - Arabic.

    Pure Arabic is this

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  9. FYI The Peoples Liberation Army uses the International Standard numbering system (Arabic dervived) that the rest of the World uses - it also use metric; mm etc.
  10. Just because it's Russian doesn't mean it has to be labled in Russian, I was in a ZSU 23-4 on Granby and all the labeling in that was in English as well as Russian
  11. Hence my question, does the arms trade mark up its munitions using the 'western' system of numbering
  12. I agree that newer stuff is. Older stuff isn't and this is what I deal with regularly. Also if you buy stuff from Arms Dealers etc then Caveat Emptor!

    I recently had some 60mm Mortar Bombs analysed because the TNT fill wouldn't melt. Reason is that it was filled DT 52 (52% Dinitronapthalene (good properties at very low temps) and 48% TNT). The goods looked new but they had been reworked - they were made in 1943 by the Soviets. For the edification of those interested I have a large list of weird fills and if any techies out there want a copy they can pm me.

    I also work with an ammunition manufacturer and they confirm they will mark the amunition they make to any standard required. However if it doesn't follow UN Conventions it can be difficult (but not impossible) to transport.
  13. Sven mate I have personally seen Chinese factories making PERFECT knock off of Russian Arms using cyrillic script. The Arms trade baby will give you what ever you want - which is why I doubt that such accomplished players like the Iranians would be so sloppy. Sure they are doing it, but not so they can get outed so easily.