Cassels House

Discussion in 'Travel' started by 06FA56Paderborn, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help with contact details for Cassels House in Rhiendahlen, does it have a web site, tel no etc, i want to see if I am entitled to stay there for a night as a dependant any help most greatfully received.
  2. Cheapskate hangeron! :wink:
  3. Seeing as I'm a helpful barsteward try the u/m link! :wink:

    BTW you tight TWWWWAAAAATTTT!!! :D
  4. You're slipping, I was expecting at least a link to a gay-bar loiterers establishment.
  5. Hello you may stay in Cassel's House as a dependant, but you need to have a good reason to stay.

    JHQ MIL 4234

    CIVIL 02161 472 4234

    Don't listen to all these twits who say Cassel's is bad. I just spent a weekend there full-board €20.80. It is clean has a good bar. and lots of parking. Food is good.

    I bet all these mincers crying bad food have never spent time on 24hr rations in a desert for five months. Bunch of girlies!