Casio G Shock G- 100

I'm looking for a new watch as my crappy Timex thing broke.
I've looked at the G- 100 and several other G shocks, as well as Suunto, Traser and NiTE, but lost.

I want an analogue, good glow for night ops but not something that looks more like a shamuli! If there are possibilities of having something that has digital too, for run times and alarms which is always helpful.

Let me know what you have or where I could get the above?


Try looking at the range of Nite watches. I've had one of them for almost two years and it's been in the desert during that time, robust as fook.


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I have a pretty basic G-Shock for 10 or so years. My only complaint about it, is its a bit chunky.

It survived everything. There's plenty of choice out there G-Shock and you can see all the options
I've taken in all of your comments, I'm still looking at the G 100, it does both digital and analogue, Plus for £40 it is a steal from £100+.
Keep the comments, coming it is greatly appreiciated.
It would be greatly "appreiciated" if you would use the search function and find all this info you seek which is already here! :wink:

Saves us having to regurgitate the same old shite again and again...
fantassin said:
Forget the Suunto, way to fragile.
Owww feck it just bought the vector as my G-shock was dying after a number of years of abuse
Maybe you'll be luckier than me or the newer types are sturdier but my and at least two other guys I work with experiences were bad (one broke after a 6 metres dive underwater and the other after a ski jump...)
Not taking sides but I find the Search Function er useless.
I have tried to find the thread on the Picklehuble helmet where one poster gave the address of the UK firm manufacturing 'Plastic' copies and I get absolutely no where, It was in History and Militare.
Don't know if anyone here can help.

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