Cashless Scrap metal trade to cease E petition

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mag_to_grid, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. I'd like to see a few test sales to scrap merchants like they do with off licences selling to underage kids. Catch a few turning a blind eye and fine the arse off them and maybe we'll see a reduction in this sort of thing. They work in the scrap trade and know precisely what they're buying. There's far too much underhand dealing. Withdraw a few of their trading licences and maybe they'll take notice.
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  2. It works here, the rise in metal theft is limited to the border areas, particularly Holland and Poland. You have to show ID and provide written provenance for your metal swag now.

    They even managed to steal copper overhead power lines from Deutsch Bahn, which had 15kV running through them at the time.
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  3. Had a couple of good nights out off me tat. Also had a few hairy moments explaining why the formerly empty transit is now dragging its axle off site.

    No doubt this will get through and a lovely little trades mans bonus will be legislated away.

    Still as long as the banks get bailed and MP's get their expenses, all those excess copper tails can go back to the yard and sit there for a year. I am sure the gaffers can use it to buy a weekend on the golf course eventually.

    Of all the poxy things to get bent out of shape about, flogging a bit of tat for cash. I bet Christmas is fun in your house.

    They even managed to steal copper overhead power lines from Deutsch Bahn, which had 15kV running through them at the time.

    Fortune favours the brave.

    Before you all start frothing at the mouth about people nicking statues and the like. Well that's just theft and will not stop no matter how much you legislate.
  4. Some bloke tried that last year somewhere in the UK and ended up melting his skin off and lots of nasty burns, serves him right but the papers were very sympathetic at the time. apparantly its becoming more popular to try and take the overhead powerlines on the railways but it seems to be just stupid greed to me no ones that desperate to dance with very high power lines and the risk of a 100mph express train bombing down the track towards you.

    My dad collects his off cuts of cable from work and when hes got a couple of kilo's every few months he trades it in for a couple of hundred and i don't see how any regulation would effect him or genuine tradesmen trading in the off cuts, waste ect. but i think it would go some way to shuting down these bent scrap merchants who will take anything like the war memorial plaques and such things as a couple of metal sculptures that were nicked from an art galleries lawn by us a few years ago. hopefully it'll stop them turning a blind eye to obvious crimes.
  5. Was in Syria a month or so ago and ali babbas were pinching the copper out of big transformers coming off the grid supplying the oilfield

    160 quids worth of copper, and apparently 100, 000 dollars to replace...They were doing one a night!!
  6. Completely harmless until it shuts down mainline railways and removes internet & phone connections from entire rural districts. The proposal is just that if you have some metal to flog your details are taken & you can't get cash in hand so it is established that the scrap is legitimately yours to flog.

    The church roofs, memorial plaques & statues only have value to the thieves because of the material they are fashioned from. Remove the ability to make a quick buck & the thefts will stop, Q.E.D.
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  7. That's my nice little £200 a month backhanders out the window then!
  8. You can still get your tradesman's bonus, it'll just be paid in direct to your account.

    Of course the owner of the 'scrap' will also know who nicked it which can't be bad.
  9. Give me half and I'll show you how to beat the system. :wink:
  10. If it was just 'flogging a bit of tat' then I'd agree. But it's serious money and huge disruptions and pure theft going on here. Criminals are making a lot of money from stealing anything they can because the scarp prices are ridiculously high. They have to do something. I'd rather my taxes went on to things we desperately need rather than replacing bloody manhols covers nicked from the road by some scrote who's just a low thief. You'd have a different bloody view if it was your stuff getting nicked.
  11. Their are laws already in place regarding theft and receiving stolen goods. What is required is investigation and prosecution under the laws already available or am I just being thick.

    Just don't see how private citizens asking for further legislation to be placed upon themselves for what is a crime already is a good thing, actually it just sounds mental to me.
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  12. So basicly the new laws are just going to create a paper trail so the scrap merchants are easier to trace and catch if up to no good and probably tax as well. which makes sense to me as afterall when your driving along behind a beat up old transit flat bed overloaded with a haphazerd assortment of scrap loosely strapped in and playing a dodgy trumpet recording. i often wonder if their officialy unemployed and claiming all the dole they can get.

    This made me chuckle last year though caught red handed and without the horsepower to escape -

    Police chase Walsall metal thief on horse and cart « Express & Star

    From the comments 'steptoe and run' :thumright:
  13. My experience of such legislation is that it makes things difficult for honest folk. The dishonest ones are simply going to carry on being dishonest. As Jebote pointed out, there are already laws in place and we're just failing to enforce them. Perhaps sting operations are required.
  14. My missus noticed three blokes and a beat-up old van looking a tad suspicious just after our phone had gone down....the pile of cable at their feet was a bit of a combat indicator....daft bint actually stopped and asked them what they were doing ! Anyway, long story short, Plod caught them for this and a string of similar offences. It's not gone to Court yet.