Cashing in leave.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Red_Brick_Building, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Does anybody know if it is possible to take the pay for unused leave that I have not been able to take?

    I am sitting with a healthy leave balance and have not taken much this year due to manpower being thin on the ground and have already been told that I can't get any more before the end of the year.

    The potential for taking any between January and March is unlikely (I may get a week or so) so there is a real possibility that I may find myself in April with 30 days still remaining (I had 15 days carried over from last year).

    If I apply to carry it over then I'm going to face the same problems next year and the year after that. I have still being putting leave requests in on JPA to give my management a chance to refuse them and therefore show that it is not my fault I'm still sitting with so much.

    Is it possible to cash them in? Even transferring it to another person as I'd rather give it away to somebody who could use it then see it just disappear.
  2. Sounds like your management is mega.
  3. You need to ask the CoC why exactly they can´t let you have more than 3 weeks off in a year!

    You can´t be that indespensible surely. And if you think you are, then put your hand in bucket of water. When you withdraw it, the space left is how much you are missed :D Read that somewhere.

    Surely they could let you have a lot of long weekends?

    Regards leave.

    No, you can´t cash them in, and no you can´t transfer them.

    You can carry 15 days over to next year though.
  4. Are you sure that you are in the army?
    This is an extremely good example of why some people should be cash paid, told when to go on leave and escorted to the toilet to make sure they wipe.
  5. I wish I was indespensible but sadly that is not the problem. Long weekends could be a solution, if nothing else it gives me more rejections to add to my pile.

    Many thanks.
  6. Oh my word yes.
  7. So why can´t youu take your leave? Have your CoC given you a reason why you can´t take leave?

    Sorry, mate, but something doesn´t add up here.
  8. The main problem is manpower in that we have none. I work in a very small unit which this year has had 2 people deployed and 1 on pre-deployment, that accounts for 40% of our workforce. There are other issues but this not the time or the place.

    If we were at full strength it would not be a problem. I'm not moaning as I understand it has just been a bad patch, I was just curious if any alternative measures could be taken for getting rid of leave other than just losing it.
  9. Your CoC needs to sort out cover for you. Otherwise you'll end up fcuked with stress or something and they'll be another bod down. Leave is an entitlement now IIRC.
  10. Although 15 days will be carried over automatically you can still apply via your CoC for any additional remaining days to be carried over. That is if you have not been able to take them for genuine reasons. Your leave rejections will prove that you have tried and be unable to do so.

    Although this only delays and compounds the problem at least you should be able to look ahead and identify a time when you can fit it in. There is no reason why you shouldnt be able to have a long leave when your unit manpower is a bit more flush. Engage early with your line manager and discuss a suitable time.

    I have read somewhere on ARRSE that it will become EU Legislation that employees MUST have a min of 28 days leave per year. Dont know when and how much the services will have to abide but we will have to wait and see.
  11. The minimum 28 days a year thing is probably why my REN leave was cancelled and changed into annual leave earlier this year. I was most please to return from my three weeks off to find I'd only been 'billed' two weeks leave. Its cock ups like this that give me a stupid amount of leave to take (at least according to JPA) somewhere around 65 days if you include REN and relocation leave.

    I was told a couple of years ago that REN leave that wasn't taken could be added to termination leave, anyone know if this is true, or utter tosh?
  12. That will be this year's excuse. Face it mate, crap organisation, crap management.
  13. Don't people know how to look up regulations anymore? If said poster is so thick he cannot do so or really believes he can sell his leave then there really is no hope any more!!
  14. Um, good point.
  15. Sorry mate, its tosh. You have 3 years in which to take your REN leave. If not taken in that time, its gone man....solid gone