Cash Van hero is shot protecting Natwest money

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, May 26, 2007.

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  1. The bank at the centre of this story is Natwest.

    The police have described the member of the public as a 'hero' and the villains as 'reckless'.

    If helping the bank makes him a 'hero', I sincerely hope Natwest will make a statement backing this up, and that they will dip into their multi billion pound profits to find some compensation for the individual involved.

    Edited to add: I'm sure the majority of Natwest customers would agree this would be worthwhile and 'good public relations.'
  2. I fully agree with you, the lad was only 24 I believe.
  3. I'm surprised he hasn't been arrested for attempted assault, sued for causing the robbers to suffer traumatic shock in discharging a firearm, and made to pay for his NHS care.

    Rant over, he is a true hero, and I suspect his motive was to save life rather than to save cash.
  4. Yeah me too, that happens lots in my experience.
  5. Agree totally and up to four or five years ago majority of people would try and be a good samaritan and help out. Now a days if you help out you are more than likely going to get yourself in trouble by the law for huting the scum criminals.

    The lad in question as been named as Adam Mapleson 24 and has regained consciousness after surgery. Whats this country coming to another coppers been stabbed in London at a chemist. Hope both recover as soon as possible.
  6. Good on him from what I heard he was trying to stop the thugs hurting the 2 security guards, I don't think he gave a proverbial about the cash tiself. I agree Natwest should show some kind of appreciation for his actions.
  7. Watch him get a handshake and a pen :censored:
  8. on a chain.
  9. That is not a rant MrPVRd, that is a statement of fact.

    Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime - what a joke !
  10. No, attempting to stop an armed robbery makes him a hero, you twonk.

    From your sneering comments above, am I to take it that you consider the armed theft of money from a Bank vehicle a reasonable action, whilst the attempt of a law abiding citizen to prevent this unreasonable?
  11. Take it however you wish mate.

    Some would say helping a bank, by attempting to stop an armed robbery is reckless. Some would also say the Natwest Bank are keeping a low profile on this. A man was seriously injured. Some would say a reward drawn from the banks' billions in profit would be appropriate.

    You appear not to agree. I wouldn't call you a 'twonk' but some would.
  12. frenchperson. Some would say that single handedly taking out a machine gun nest is reckless. Some would say it's heroism - certainly the Queen thinks so:

    This young man probably wasn't so concerned with the banks cash, but pi$$es off that someone is waving a gun around and threatening members of the public. Yes - he's a hero.
  13. Sixty

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    Some would say however that a man who, seeing two security guards being threatened with a firearm, goes to their aid with no thoughts to his own safety is acting with all of our best human instincts.

    I'd agree that a reward should be forthcoming from the bank though. Glad to see on the news that his condition is improving.

    Edit: Cross-posted with Legs.
  14. Some would say that Adam showed guts and some would say thats what you lack.

    Some would say that if the UK was made up of people like you we'd be speaking German now.

    Some would say that people like Adam are the reason why people like you have the freedom of speech.

    Some would say you're a pathetic spinless whinger. I'd just call you a worthless c*nt.
  15. I have yet to hear whether the bank will reward him or not. Perhaps we could give the bank time to think about it. Two points...........
    1 The lad is definitely a hero
    2. We'd be in a hell of a state if the country had no banks.