Cash Surplus

OK folks. We've seen the reactions so far in the main thread.

It looks like there will be a lump of cash coming SSAFA's way, with a chunk to ARRSE Campaign Funds if anyone asks for it to happen.

Cashbar - how do you want to play this one? It looks like folk would like some of it at least to be spent on 36, HC or both. Is that allowed within the terms of a donation?

If you want actual products or services, ARRSE probably has someone in the trade who can get you a great deal.

I've kept a low profile on my job in the furniture trade as I'm hoping that my Bty don't connect me to my username, and the plethora of new office chairs, sofas, tables etc I've turned up with will rather give the game away.

I'm hoping to get the sums sorted by the end of this month, so if you could let us know in here within the next week or two the general outline of what you want (cash, services, products or whatever) we can start preparing the ground among those who donated.

Kind regards


Apologies to you and Sue that I didn't get a chance to introduce myself on wednesday.
Thanks FB,

This is extremely generous and would be really appreciated. It is entirely appropriate to ring fence a donation and specify that you wish it to be used for a specific project - in this case, 36 Grays Lane. I can't say for certain at the moment exactly where the money would go - and there is some other associated fundraising happening for this project - but we will certainly keep you posted (as we will, in any case, re overall progress).

Is that enough to go on for the moment?

Hi Athol,

On another related matter, people are asking what they can do to further help SSAFA on 36 Grays Lane.

There's also talk of creating a "Friends of 36 Grays Lane" group, centered on the old 36 Grays Lane website.

It would be very helpful if you could tell them what exactly is needed? Only some well connected Arrsers are talking about raising sponsorship for equipment and vehicles etc.
sorry, my laptop broke so have not been able to log on since last week.

Just to let you know that I still have about £200 worth of cheques for you Fluff.

Send me your address again and I will post to you.

Regards, Zoe x

Did I dream it or is there now a specific 36 Gray's Lane Fund been set up?

If you let us have the details of where to send cheques and donations, I can post it into the main thread as I'm still getting folk wishing to make a contribution.

Kind regards

Errr..please dont let this be known to rest of the site, but i got fired today due to this campaign...hahahhaa brilliant :(

Can you make sure no-one else sends cheques to my work as am on leave at the mo and then will be on garden leave.

How and why? Do you want me to call the papers? I'm serious.
dont call the papers, i have to work in my industry and any publicity wont help sadly.

It will be fine, just dont let anyone send cheques to my office from now on.

Edited; Thought I had better explain as I had a few babychams last night and didnt really answer the question properly.

Basically my bosses hauled me in over a week ago regarding the level of time I had committed to "that Army charity sh it" (nice)

To be fair to my employer, they spent over a week watching me running about like a blue arsed fly, seeing leaflets turn up, me lugging leaflets during my lunchhour and coming in to work each morning knackered.

Now I like to think if I had been the employer I would see the greater good being done and turn a blind eye, but would i? I have to be fair to my bosses, I guess I did take the pi ss really.

Anyway, was told on the eve of the planning meeting that I was in the plop. I explained that I didnt realise the level of work involved with the Ashtead campaign and told them my contribution had been given and it wouldn't happen again.

Unfortunately, while I have been away on annual leave Media Bikes have been chasing my employer for money instead of us ARRSEr's. My CEO hit the roof and I got the bullet. No dramas in the grand scheme of things, it's the ad industry and I have seen people fired for a lot less.

I was looking to leave anyway, just not this soon :)

Please don't think I need sympathy either you lot, I felt more of a sense of achievement from this campaign than I have from my job in over 4 years.

I would do exactly the same again if I had to. I work in a fickle industry and my job is to make money for people, thats it. You aren't meant to have a soul. :roll:

However, I know that regardless of the personal outcome, I helped with something bigger than my poncey job.

I also know I helped give something to much more deserving people than my one-dimensional colleagues, who only really care about money and how many times they can eat at The Ivy this week.

Oh jesus, I am waffling now! My fundamental point is this, I have absolutely no regrets, what we did was a good thing. The half a lager my grandfather bought me down the legion as a reward shows that :D (Cos he never gets a round in for a Doris)
Having worked in advertising (though many years ago), I know what a fickle and shallow industry it can be. Nonetheless, sh1tty news for Moody; the employers loss, however, in the long run, for failing to spot what a motivated individual is capable of.

Hope you get sorted with something else soon, Moody. The 36GL campaign should look good on your CV!
Moods, PTP told me about this last night, but I was sort of half-cut from the pub so fell a-snooze very soon after giving him your number.

Sorry that it's happened and fingers crossed another better job comes along soon...
Moody, really sorry to hear. No, that's not sympathy, it's "sorry to hear of another employer being a complete arrse" - and, incidentally, probably not following due process. But that's another story ;)

Sure you'll find somewhere fast enough that suits your sunny caring sharing personality better. And I won't repeat that comment on the main board either :lol:
As you may have seen in the main thread:

After much checking sums, I'm pleased to announce the following figures for the Grays Lane campaign:

Paypal, cash and direct bank transfer donations = £ 3,248:48p

Cheques (going direct to SSAFA) = £ 280:00p

Expenses (leaflets, trike & posters) = £ 1,304:50

This gives a balance going to SSAFA of £ 2,223:98p

They are still setting up the specific Grays Lane fund, but can handle the cash for the moment so it goes there eventually.

For those who sent cheques, the payee name will be filled in as SSAFA and they will go in the envelope with the main donation. That saves moving cash from one account to another later.

These are the unaudited figures. If there are any changes later, I'll keep you all informed, but I'm posting the cheque today on the basis of them.

Once again, a big "thank you" to everyone who donated cash, time and help in any way.


There was only £ 10 pledged towards the ARRSE fighting fund as far as I can tell, so I've taken a command decison to send that to SSAFA as well.

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