Cash in Hand pay "morally Wrong"

The only way around this problem is to Put Your Money Where Their Mouth Is,no cash in hand then.......
Of course this is morally wrong. As every millionaire MP knows, the only way to get paid for those "little jobs on the side" is to put it straight in an offshore account under a dummy company name of which you happen to be sole director!
It would appear that that Mr 'Morality' Gauke was quite happy to use taxpayer's cash to pay his stamp duty. Exactly how is that moral?

The sight and sound of these arrogant, smug, untouchables, explaining about morality is as sickening as a mother of twelve, by nine different fathers, demanding a bigger council house as her 'right'; another example of a meeting of two types of scrounger, at least the dolie doesn't lecture me on the rights and wrongs of life.

He looks like a fat Jimmy Carr, and he is a sanctimonious prig.


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what chef said.
I don't see how it is 'morally wrong' to pay someone in cash. The recipient is responsible for filing his own tax return, it has nothing to do with the person who is paying
MP and Moral in the same sentence now surely that is an Oxymoron
Let me get this right.

MPs want us to now take responsibility for the legal adherence of other people's actions?

Silly man.
Currently, just being an MP is morrally wrong , hence no decent people want to get involved in the corrupt trade .
I don't see how it is 'morally wrong' to pay someone in cash. The recipient is responsible for filing his own tax return, it has nothing to do with the person who is paying
Absolutely correct mate, if you pay cash in hand it's not your responsibility to make the tradesman pay tax.


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I don't see how it is 'morally wrong' to pay someone in cash. The recipient is responsible for filing his own tax return, it has nothing to do with the person who is paying
presumably you're complicit by not asking for a receipt or then dobbing them in to the taxman.
Yeah, I agree it's morally wrong and they should crack down on it big time!

How about for a start, they look at the 13 trillion to 20 trillion quid hidden by the super rich first?

Admittedly this is a global report but even so, what with the recent disclosures of massive allbeit legal tax evasion schemes, how much money from the UK is being secreted out of the country to tax havens.

Perhaps the plumbers et al would be more happy to cough up if the super rich stopped, to put it quite bluntly, taking the piss!

£13tn hoard hidden from taxman by global elite | Business | The Observer


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according to UK: without a bank account - The Poverty Site there are still 5% of the uk population without a bank account, and with rural banks and post offices still closing by the dozens, there is a need for cash in hand payments in some communities.
Most tradesmen insist on cash as to many twats bounce cheques , in addition banks seem to want to get rid if cheques all together so it does not leave the tradesman much option than to ask for cash , a mobile credit/debit card machine would cost around £30 p.m plus upto 3% to process credit cards assuming the bank would even let a self employed tradesman have one!

The MP is a stupid **** who has not thought it trough.
OT, but they are also proposing legislation which will allow the driver of a car to be prosecuted for littering if a passenger throws something out of the window. These days it seems we are our brother's/plumber's/sparky's keeper...
Shoot the messenger if you must...........but at least listen to the message first!

All he was saying is "If a tradesman offers you a discount for the job,if you pay cash",the likelyhood is he (the tradesman),is fiddling his tax,and that is morally wrong,and you are encouraging the practice,by paying cash for the discount.

Pretty straightforward to me!

I'm not disputing the fact that the Mega Rich,are on the fiddle,but you're all going of at the tangent,about this particular statement. :meditate:

David Gauke Worked For Tax Avoidance Firm - Guy Fawkes' blog

Guido can now reveal that Gauke himself worked for a company that specialises in helping the wealthy avoid tax. According to Debretts between 1999 and 2005 – when he became an MP – Gauke was a solicitor at Macfarlanes, a top city law firm with expertise on tax efficiency. They boast on their website:

“The tax efficient structuring of employee incentive arrangements is often a key requirement for our clients to achieve their commercial objectives. We have particular expertise in the structuring of tax efficient equity based incentive plans. We are able to develop innovative solutions to the most complex tax issues when necessary.”

and his wife is a tax lawyer

David Gauke’s Wife is Tax Avoidance Lawyer - Guy Fawkes' blog

It turn’s out that Gauke’s wife Rachel is a professional support lawyer for Lexis Nexis, a company which boasts of its ability to “support every tax practitioner on the front line as they deal with the tax collector“. According to her personal profile Rachel “specialises in corporate tax law…and has advised on corporate restructurings,

Some of the animals are more equal.
Not that old chestnut! What he & his wife do/did my be morally repugnant to some but it is not illegal. A tradesman doing cash-in-hand work* & not declaring it is.

If you don't like the distinction then vote for a government which will remove the tax breaks which Firms like Macfarlanes work on!

Incidentally my Sister is a top tax accountant with a major Firm. I found it most amusing when a family acquaintance ripped into her about how she was tearing bread from the mouths of the starving & trying to close down the NHS by stopping tax revenues coming in. The reason I found this amusing was that the person doing the ripping-in was a senior NHS Bod & firebrand Scots Socialist who had left a job with a six-figure salary on a Friday to return as a consultant from the Monday on a better salary & fewer hours in essentially the same role...

*A fair number of the latter types are also claiming JSA, judging by my experiences in Job Centres where chaps covered in plaster dust & wearing tool belts nipped in to sign on :wink:

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