Cash help to root out extremism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 11, 2006.

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    In my opinion , based on my experiences here, this has to be the most breathtakingly stupid idea I have ever heard as regards bringing rogue elements to heel.

    At the most acceptable end, there will be some very smart and expensive cars floating around here imminently.

    At the least acceptable end, the groups who make the most noise will get the funding , and those groups make the most noise because they are either at the top of the hierarchy of 'village thinking' or have successfully intimidated other groups with something to offer.

    Some of these groups, will have connections with the exact same entities we are interested in rooting out.

    What yardstick will be used to measure the effectiveness of this campaign? How can it be measured?

    All that is going to happen here, is most will print up 5,000 leaflets, send a copy in to the funding centre , collect the cash then do absolutey f**k all. Why should they?

    If you want to make a difference, and you want results, fund Islamic womens groups. In fact I could swear that was the original proposal talked about, but I imagine if that was the case, the menfolk soon shouted it right out.

    The only way forward, is NOT to fund the same entities who get funding all the damn time , because they are at the top of the 'village thinking' tree.

    This idea in it's current proposed form , is a licence to enrich the less than scrupulous , the radical sympathetic and people who want a new BMW.
  2. I've a better idea, why not arrest and deport those who are preaching Islamic extremism in our midst?

    This Kelly quote says it all:

    "In our attempt to avoid imposing a single British identity and culture, have we ended up with some communities living in isolation of each other, with no common bonds between them?"

    Nice to know they admit they have been avoiding a single British identity and culture.

    When a society has no common bonds, no common identity and no common culture, fragmentation and violence is inevitable.

    Those who imposed multiculturalism on our country are as guilty as the terrorist who use it as camouflage for their activities.

    Abiding by our laws should not be considered grounds for a reward.

    Failure to comply should be grounds for punishment.
  3. This sounds like a plan to hand my tax pounds over to those who are least deserving in that we are bribing them to believe in the principals that we hold most dear.

    Surely a better tool in the tool box would be to apply the law whether it be gender discrimination or inciting racial hatred or murder.

    Isn't it really that easy?
  4. Where was this policy in Labours manifesto? Can anyone tell me?
  5. Getting worried WP??? - You are on record You know - and online organisations such as ARRSE have to save all utterences.

    Are Your days numbered???
  6. Not getting worried Sven, every time something like this happens, thousands more begin to see behind the betrayal and failure of the great multicultural experiment.

    The more they appease the Muslims... the more they alienate the people.

    Just because people are afraid to speak out for fear of arrest or job loss, does not mean that they will not take action at the ballot box.

  7. resulting in 10 more BNP councillors eh???

  8. 'Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number -
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you -
    Ye are many - they are few.'
  9. It wasn't so long ago that this goverment was praising the success of a multi cultural Britain, with everyone living cheek by jowl in glorious harmony. Cool Brittania rather than Rule Brittania. Iraq, 9/11 and 7/7 seems to have changed their minds somewhat.

    Enoch Powell was lambasted and vilified for his 'Rivers of Blood' speech, was he in fact right all along?
  10. What else would you expect from fcuking Ruth Kelly!
    Stupid bitch!

  11. Now that really is irony.

    A far right poster using a piece on the Waterloo Massacre written by a Liberal poet!!!

    Classic :D
  12. Waterloo or Peterloo?
  13. Peterloo of course

    My mistake
  14. Sven

    No worries. Reputedly, it was mill lads from my home town that instigated the charge by throwing stones at the militia.
  15. On the subject of multiculturalism v integration, here's an interesting paradox:


    For those of you without access to the Intranet; "A taste of the South Seas has come to the British Army as Fijian soldiers at a variety of units in the UK celebrated this year's Fiji Day". "Fijian soldiers from the Royal Highland Fusiliers marked Fiji's National Day, 10 October, when the country gained independence from the UK, by wearing Fijian national dress. They also took part in a traditional Fijian ceremony which included dancing the 'Hakka' and songs from the Pacific Islands. Scottish soldiers were able to experience Fijian cuisine first hand as soldiers and their families prepared and cooked Fiji's traditional meal of Pacific Island delicacies in a 'Lovu', a specially made cooking pit in the ground. They also had the opportunity to sample the traditional brew 'Cava', which was flown in especially from Fiji for the occasion.

    The Commanding Officer of the battalion, received a Fijian ceremonial welcome and was presented with a 'Tabua', a whale's tooth, and, in Fijian custom, considered the highest of tribal honours. He said:

    "It was an honour to be principal guest at the Fiji Day celebrations. The Fijian community within the battalion is an integral part of the family and is as important to us as all the other component parts from across Scotland, the country and the rest of the world".

    Let me say, now, that I fully support this. I see it little different to the Jocks celebrating Burn's Night and St Andy's Day or the Taffs celebrating St. Dai's Day. The only difference being that they are both integral members of Great Britain, whereas the Fijians are British Commonwealth nationals serving in British Units. The South Sea Islanders are wonderful people and their contribution to sustaining British Forces is very welcome. Retaining their cultural traditions on special occasions must be good for morale.

    The question is, how would we view British Nationals similarly celebrating ethnically foreign cultural traditions? It isn't my intention to open cultural or ethnic divisions here but, perhaps, it's better to debate it than ignore it.