Cash for honours - no charges being brought

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by legal_eagle, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Fcuking Whitewash - what else could we have expected?

    No link as yet....
  2. Quelle surprise...

    Still, it'll save Broon the expense of setting up a Hutton-stylee inquiry to come to conclusion that no-one connected to Neu Arbeit did anything wrong.
  3. Does that mean Sir bLIAR doesnt have to emigrate now :?

    They were as guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo.
  4. What a surprise... Not... :x

    :x :x :x Gonna go calm down now :x :x :x thanks to Blair, labour etce oh and not forgetting Brown, the sacrifices of two World Wars and all the other wee arguments since and continuing seem right now to be for nothing... those unprincipled ***** have between them thrown the UK's reputation down the drain.

    Whitewash through and through... time to get the DPP independent of the Government me thinks.
  5. I suppose not, but with a bit of luck we'll soon be treated to a grainy internet video of his head being hacked off with rusty penknife... :twisted:
  6. My thoughts exactly snapper and I've had enough now. I never thought I'd leave the UK but I've recently started the emigration process for Australia. I've heard plenty of stories about the grass not always being greener on the other side but to my mind nothing can be worse than the state we're now in and the direction we're heading.

    It is like our country is being run by a sinister yet utterly inept version of the Student Union...god help us. :cry:
  7. Wait on a formal announcement by the CPS. It might be frantic leaking.

    If no charges are brought, the dossier will enter the public domain one way or another. It will be very interesting....

    Perhaps someone with money will bring a legal action or apply for a judicial review of the CPS decision?
  8. Fair point MrP. In my blind rage I failed to listen to the full broadcast on SkyNews or actually read the link I posted!!

    I sincerely hope that pravda (sorry BBC) is wrong, but somehow I doubt it. The problem with a Judicial Review is - the government is free to ignore it's findings....
  9. It all depends who's names were on the original list and also $$$$££££ :roll:
  10. Doners to parties have always done well out of the "Honours" list, I thought the investigation was focused more on whether people had lied about it during the investigation?

    Peoples expectations have probably been clouded by reporting that is about as fair and impartial as the phone competitions they run. I really don't see the BBC bias in favour of Blair, they've clearly been trying to shoot him down for the past few years with little success. I'd say more so since their reporter was caught out trying to sex up his reporting of Government handling of a certain dossier.

    The outcome of the investigation, as apart from the often reporting embarassing nature of the way it was handle for Blair's Government, is hardly a suprise to anyone. How much of the way it was investigated had to do with internal, anti Sir Ian Blair, politics?
  11. A shame, but not surprising. I had been hoping some of these "untouchables" may ended up having their bottoms touched in jail.
    Just because no prosecutions are being brought, it doesn't mean they're not guilty
  12. Did you honestly expect any thing else,
  13. I don't really know what they were expecting. Let's face it, honours and awards have always been doled out in exchange for something. Joe Bloggs used to become The Earl of Bloggs for giving his daughter to the King, Smudge Smith would become Lord Smith for taking the King's side in an argument and so on. Simple fact, you give the ruling party a significant financial donation and you will get your reward sooner or later.

    But it's not just labour at fault here. They all do it. Can anyone tell me how buffoons like Mark Thatcher get made into Knights of the Realm (who say "Ni")? It was one of the rewards that his mum got for reaching the magical rollover 3 million unemployed (one of those Tory schemes). He certainly hasn't done anything positive for our country.
  14. He spent some time in the desert.

    Got lost in it, mind.