Cash for honours: Labour hid millions from auditors

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Well, if that turns out to be even half true then certain people should be feeling very, very sweaty indeed.

    Now dishing out Knighthoods in retun for donations to Party coffers is one thing. Endless stupidity amd lies another.

    But entering into a conspiracy to commit false accounting..........
  2. We don't have a Government or Criminal Justice system, we have racketeers. This lot could have shown Al Capone a thing or two.

    I'm not a religious man, but I pray for the day when these lying, cheating b*stards are held to account for their corruption and deceit.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Pleeeeeeease let it be true. It would mean a right royal buggering for BLiar. :twisted:
  4. So, if I've got this right, Blair gets his Foreign Policy from Washington and his knowledge of accounting practises from Enron, Worldcom?

    Blair must now be worried about so many things, all of which he has no control over - so, Tony, please just fcuk off out of office now, before you do any more damage to, this country, its reputation, its people and above all its armed forces.

    How can one man's "leadership" be allowed to do so much damage?
  5. Well if true and I believe it is, as blogg says conspiracy to commit false accounting is rather a heavy charge to dodge.
  6. It's not false accounting. The loan money came in after the year in question was accounted. Not to mention such a big bag of dosh is 'unconventional', but that's all, not illegal.

  7. Not picking a fight AWOL, but that's not what the Indie is saying. Are you basing your comment on the Indie article, another source, or were you "the bag man"!
  8. Either way, the rats are certainly looking to jump ship, distancing themselves from Tone. Quite amusing to read.
  9. Depends how you read it Abright. Look at this..

    My bold.

    I just applied a bit of healthy cynicism regarding normal journalistic sensationalism, and came to the conclusion that it is probably a non-story with the Indie just doing a bit of muck-raking using the usual tools of nuance and suggestion.

    Then again, I know SFA about accounting so I am probably wrong.

    (But then, us bag men always say that :) )
  10. If the reports are right the "loans" are shown in the 2005 accounts but not 2004.

    So the question is if they should have been "disclosed" (even if not accounted for) in the 2004 accounts as a significant events because they came in before those accounts were signed by the auditors. Is that false accounting? No idea.

    But if Labour pressured those who provided the dosh into giving "Loans" not "Donations" there is another issue. Loans are, well, loans.

    But Donations should be treated as Income. If they should properly have been treated as Donations, then in 2005 the Labour party accounts would have shown the income from Donations ballon up from £8.9m in 2004 to £25.8m in 2005, which might have provoked some interesting questions!

    The net loss for the year would then have reduced from £14.5m to £2.5m. Does that actually matter? Again no idea but it by God it looks damn odd
  11. Not so, it depends what the terms of the loans were and when they were agreed - if they were agreed in the year in question, which is what the Independant indicates, then that is false accounting irrespective of when the money arrived.
  12. Sadly, I am surrounded by accounting types (any more accountants here, would make it the MOD), and they have offered their' collective GARP view, that the numbers should have been on the books.

    Fair play on the healthy cynicism, if I appear a sick, twisted, bitter opponent of Blair and his government, please excuse me, it's just the way I am!
  13. I really hope they can shaft the slimy shite! Maybe they'll also discover where he's stashed all his bungs.

  14. I am puzzled why any wealthy man or woman would want to give money. There must a reason or reasons and possibly, hopefully, we shall find out.
    Still, Bliar will get his KG no doubt and we can look forward to seeing the grinning spiv wandering around Windsor dressed in all the regalia.
    Worst still, there be a Lady Bliar!