Cash crisis so severe that base faces closure...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. This is bloody outrageous, almost the final betrayal

    The report, which is in the form of a "loose minute" with three annexes and is entitled "Financial Management 2006/07", reveals that:

    • Repair budgets for Army tanks and artillery pieces will be slashed.

    • Bases will be closed, "severely impeding" combat operations.

    • Military exercises in Kenya and Canada will be cancelled or scaled down, leading to problems with training and morale.

    • Funding for the Army's only multiple-launched rocket systems will cease, creating a 30-month capability gap.

    • Missile systems will be withdrawn from service early, creating a 24-month capability gap.

    • The stockpiling of ammunition for deployable brigades such as 16 Air Assault Brigade, currently in Afghanistan, and Apache helicopters, will be reduced.

    • Recruitment to the Territorial Army will be "slowed".

    • The money available to train University Officer Training Cadets will be capped.

    The financial report was drawn up for Gen Sir Richard Dannatt, the commander-in-chief of Land Command.

    Oi BAFF start lobbying!

    this really sickens me, WTF are senior ranks doing? Are no men left up there?
  2. Strange how we never hear of a shortage of money for overseas aid, feeding illegal immigrants (parasites) treatment for drug addicts or keeping criminals alive in jailor for the massive pay rises the MP regularly vote themselves
  3. If all implemented, it's serious - however, the way the extract is written suggests that this may be a review of possible options, rather than a definitive 'this is going to happen': anyone able to confirm/deny?
  4. It won't happen if everyone gets off their ARRSES and makes a stink - the taking one up the ARRSE for old England cos we are Soldiers evidently don't work.

    Do you know how much money was spent by this Govt last year on management consultants? 3 Billion pounds thats how much.
  5. This has the look of a controlled leak from HQ Land and good on them if that is the case. Hopefully this will get the proper audience and we can start the case to reign in our foreign policy unless the armed forces are better funded.

    Quite right, I may be a crab but I am not stupid. For years we have poured money into Typhoon for no other reason than to save face on a poorly conceived, poorly run project. The less said about JPA the better...

    It is too early to start using the word crisis?
  6. MMM.........wonder if Dannatt will be another Blair/ Brown arse licker?

    Might help the front line troops if they look within.... and cut back on civil service jobs at the MOD etc, that would save 'loads of Money' in more ways then one. How can these so called leaders of Goverment proclaim on TV that 'The British Army' best in the world, doing a wonderfull job etc etc, when behind the scenes their stabbing us in the back....enjoy your frebbie holiday Tony...God I'm really peed off now.
  7. Whats the annual running cost for an armoured inf division these days? Anyone know?
  8. Its an absolute outrage! If these cost cutting plans go ahead, we will look and be no better than a so called third world army. British Army...Be the Best? it will be a joke. Is moral amongst the soldiers not low enough when they are already struggling with what they have now? They want to cut excercise trips to Kenya and Canada? That sounds pretty good coming from a goverment whose members go off on jollies, sorry 'fact finding' missions here there and everywhere...on RAF planes at the taxpayers expense!
    The annual expenses of the greedy MP's themselves would probably keep a regiment equipped for a year!
    Its a bloody sad day when the welfare of an illegal immigrant or a junkie takes priority over that of a serving soldier!
    I agree Armchair_J. I think the armed forces and their families have kept quiet for long enough now over the treatment they recieve from this goverment and its time their voices were heard. Our armed forces are one to be proud of and it should be kept that way.
  9. From the times

    Fcuking ridiculous, if you want us to do more Bliar, then pay more.
  10. get to it and don't be polite Gentlemen now
  11. The TA is still regenerating. It takes 3 years to produce a useful TA soldier - if true, this will have a massive negative impact and will probably be terminal for some units.
  12. Looks like more salami slicing , not that theres a lot of salami left to slice,
    instead of cutting capabilities how about downgrading a few Generals Posts
    and streamlining the Admin, dont suppose that woukld fly less jobs for the boys
  13. My bold -

    1. So we're going to have chally 2s at £5m (?) each sat around doing nothing because we can't afford to repair them? Seeing as there are less after the restructuring anyway. What about the artillery? Do they not understand these aren't optional items???

    2. My understanding of Kenya and Canada training is that these are almost irreplaceable. Canada for what can be done with the armoured corps, and kenya for the live firing. We lose these and we might lose more soldiers on ops?

    3. So the TA is facing a recruitment/retention crisis, they are being used as a backup for regular units/individuals and a large number have served in 'stan and iraq, so the govn will now shoot itself in the foot removing the future capability of the TA.

    What are they playing at? It's an absolute joke
  14. A truly shoddy piece of journalism.
    I am 99% certain that the document in question is the standard "cuts / impact" shopping list. Its standard practise across the 3 services when cuts are being considered to draw up lists of what can be laid on the table of the chancellor for sacrifice. Judging by the language, and also by the wide ranging nature, I'd argue we've seen one of these documents rather than the final version. If this was the final version, I'd suggest it would have been leaked previously.

    Note the nice links between "can't afford fence" and "long term structure under review" to form "cant keep airfield open as we can't afford a fence".

    The Sunday Telegraph has long been an appalling paper for journalism, up there with the Sunday Express whose journalist literally cribs his stories off PPRUNE.

    My advice, calm down, wait to see if this is repeated across other papers for a long time. More than likely this is a one off leaking of the possible options for STP07.