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not for me, mainly because I left the Army two years ago.

A bloke I know (Jock Guards) was recently casevac'd with just over 3 months of his 6 month stint done, he has been told by a medic that he is still entitled to the separation and operational allowances as if he had completed the full 6 months.

He asked me to clarify this, of course I cant, but surely there is someopne on here who can:

Does his op allowance stop the day he is casevac'd or does it continue to accummulate to the six month point?
Will he still be entitled to the separation allowance, dispite being at home, for up to the six month point?
Should he man up and ask his admin instead of me?
Should the medic stick to elastoplasts and refrain from giving financial advice?


Yes. JSP 752 (available via Armynet) refers:

Continuation of [Operational] Allowance. The Allowance will be paid:

a. For the duration of the planned length of the Service person’s assignment to the operational deployment, if the recipient is hospitalised* in theatre or elsewhere. The Allowance is to be paid for the full length of the planned deployment, up to a maximum of 6 months, even if the Service person is discharged from hospital and does not return to the operational theatre.

b. For the planned length of the Service person’s assignment to the operational deployment, if the recipient dies.

c. When a Service person serving in a SOL is declared ‘Missing’ or ‘Returned from Missing’ (RFM), until such time as the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) categorises them otherwise. The following will subsequently apply:

(1). If the Service person is subsequently declared ‘Dead’, their pay account will be credited with the amount that would otherwise had been paid if they had completed their planned operational deployment. If that date has passed, entitlement to the Operational Allowance will cease the day after they are declared ‘Dead’.

(2). ‘Missing’ Service personnel who return and pending repatriation to the UK are re-categorised as ‘Returned from Missing’ (RFM) (eg after a period of detention against their will by a hostile group) will continue to be paid the Operational Allowance until they leave the specified operational location.

(3). ‘Missing’ Service personnel who return and resume their duties in a SOL will continue to receive Operational Allowance.

*'Hospitalised' includes in-patients of a hospital or a rehabilitation centre.
Op Allowance for the full 6 months, LSA for the time he has spent away from his family / unit. That's my understanding without check JSP 752 (as I'm on leave)
got another question, the bloke is about to go back out again to finish the tour, will his POTL be affected because he was casevac'd and out of theatre for 6 weeks?
POTL based on number of days spent in Theatre. So his total time on tour will decide the amount of POTL he has earned.
sao he will get the full six months of Op allowance but only POTL for time spent in theatre. Thanks very much all, Ill pass it on.

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