CAS warns against short term military spending decisions

From the Daily Telegraph: Head of RAF warns against 'short term' military spending decisions

Daily Telegraph 25 Jan 10 said:
The head of the RAF has waded into the debate about defence cuts to warn against making decisions for "short term" benefit amid signs of a growing rift between the three services on how money should be spent...

"There is a balance to be drawn here. The difficulty is that everyone wants to be certain. Defence is not a certainty. Defence is like your insurance policy, so I do believe we need to make sure we take the long term view, and not the short term."

...Matthew Knowles, spokesman for aerospace, defence and security trade organisation ADS, said: “Defence spending as a proportion of GDP has halved over the last 20 years while other departmental budgets have continued to rise...
The final paragraph is a damning indictment of government policy during a period when the UK (not just its Armed Forces) has been involved in two major conflicts overseas, with all the accelerated attrition of personnel, infrastructure and non-UOR equipment this implies. Despite a reduction in the numbers of service personnel during this period, the number of other public sector employees has sky-rocketed.

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