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  1. I have been dicked with doing some casualty simulation for an ex. I have been handed a massive range of stuff(blood/wounds/plasticine) but no one seems to know what to do with it.
    does anyone have any guides that i could get my hands on? I know there is a course in it but i do not have the time, or indeed the inclination to do it(this is very short term thing).

    noting too complex, its only for basic level.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Not often that I get annoyed................this is an exception!!!!!!!

    If you have no interest in delivering quality training then say so and find someone who will - in the mean time, why should those who do care about the training bail you out with your plagerism of their hard work?? You are the "main effort" get on with it!!!!!!!
  3. You may want to consider making contact with your local St Johns ambulance or even paramedics I have done some work with them and they did some pretty convincing gsw with spurting blood and some good quality blast injuries including objects stuck in!
    I was on an exercise a couple of weeks ago where an Amputee volunteer was used to good effect when found staggering with half an arm and holding a false other half while screaming.

    I don't know what you learning outcome are so the above may be over the top, the great thing about St Johns is that they are keen as **** to help.
  4. top_soldier. i understand all your trying to do is help, but its really not. we are trying to get the guys more "hands on" on the first aid side of things, integrating it as much as possible into our everyday training. we do not have the MTD's to send guys on the CAS Sim course in order to do it, as much as we want to (and ultimately we do). we can't send anyone on the course now, but that is no reason for not doing any practical exercises.

    plagiarising? well if it means better training i will copy whatever has to be copied. if you really care more about your intellectual property than delivering training then i think you have to have a good look at yourself.
    and if i really did not care then i would just squirt some ketchup and whing it, not spend my Sunday afternoon on an internet forum. but as it happens i do care.

    st john's is a bit overkill for the next couple of months, but i would defiantly be interested in getting them involved at a later date. i will ping them an email.
  5. The "cas-sim" course does not exist!!!!

    The fact that you think it does is even more alarming...... as for MTDs, your unit is mandated to have one BCDT Instructor (MATT 3) for each Coy/Sqn. Their job is to deliver the training and utilise the cas-sim kit (authorised by their attendance on the course). As for intellectual property, yes I do care about the quality of training and would not want MATT 3 delivered by someone who has "no inclination" to attend the course. My advice is to speakto your PSI and get someone to go on the course.........
  6. Speaking as someone who has just come off the BCDT instructors course, I can confirm that a CASSIM course does indeed exist. On the BCDT course you are given a brief introduction to using CASSIM but we were then pointed in the direction of coming back to do the course, to improve and add interest to our lessons.
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  7. Use your imagination. its fun.

    Plasticine gashes, vaseline mixed with blood powder for coagulated blood, bottles of blood liberally splashed

    You got any of the strap on wounds?

    Get to the QMs and blag plenty of gash 95 rig to rip up, tear, splash blood on

    I use expired bottles of fluid (Injected with a thick doses of blood powder and water from a 50 ml syringe) and giving sets is good for a bit of arterial bleeding/venous bleeding depending on the casualties enthusiasm. Stick the bottle in the pocket and tape giving set up to area of would. A raggy diagonal cut across the end of the giving set gives a more interesting squirt patten

    If your sickbay has some of that second skin spray, you can spray it on the surface of a bowl of water and harvest it with a coat hanger, makes good burnt slippery skin

    some sort of black powder to dust over loads of shit is handy

    ID each casualty and brief them properly. MAke them aware what you want them to do and not to do and that you want them involved in the debrief.

    Work out mechanisms of injury, then what injuries you need, how many casualties, then get on with it you fanny

    You'd think in this day and age you could scrape up some enthusiasm for a bit of cas-sim, if not find some one who is keen


    PS wear two pairs of gloves and your shittest rig
  8. Cassim course starts 12th Feb at Malta Bcks, Aldershot. It's full...

    Just heard that there is a Cassim instr course running in York. Details anyone?

  9. Welcome to the Army where people get told to do shit they don't want to do.
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  10. Aye and apparently he has been in long enough to know better!!!

    As far as I can see the guy has been spammed to deliver something and has come on here to get some pointers, probably not to happy with being spammed to do it, and to be honest if he aint a medic I can understand it.

    Not everyone gets a hard on about cassim and the like, we chose the medic route so get involved all the time, that said I have known a fair amount of medics who didn't give a sh*t about it either.
  11. There's a Cassim course at 4 Div RTC (Aldershot) in Feb 2012 - book early as there's only one a year and the last one was full.

  12. If you are TA it is a good weekends course (I know 15Bde do run it as well at York). So much fun! I know you don't have the inclination but it is a very valuable course for BCDT instructors.

    If you authorise the MTDs I'll come down and sim up your cas!
  13. PVA glue can be painted onto skin and 'rucked up' to make wound edges for gaping wounds. Blood soaked gauze can be used for 'meaty' bits inside gapers!
    Realistic Wound FX