CAS or C0ck up?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Listy, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. You could draw an analogy with a burglary from the locals' point of view. The value of your contents increases steeply. If the airstrike was called in to protect troops; well done, someone gives a stuff
  2. Aaaaand the BBC has just included this little Gem in the news report
    "..Our reporter Did not see any bodies..."

    Note: I'm not complaining that they blew up a school to get some talitubbies either, just linking a story that would have appered at somepoint today on here..
  3. The part of the report that caused me to exclaim "what the fsck !" was :

    "... the Taleban fighters were close to overrunning the base ..."

    Let me get this straight - we've deployed to Afghanistan with "all the assets requested by the Commanders" (phrase (C) Swiss Des Propaganda Inc) and within a fairly short period of time we're in so much trouble that only a liberal application of US airpower stops us being wiped off the map. And no-one seems to be bothered ?