CAS near miss...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr._Average, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Damn!
  2. I love the cameraman gobbing off about his mucka papping it on the first explosion, then papping it himself on the second explosion.
  3. Adreneline is brown!
  4. For a moment their I thought you were talking about a near miss involving the Chief of Air Staff, alas my hopes were dashed.
  5. Civie question: what is "CAS" please?

    Thats a scary video. I would have crapped it as well. The soldier at the back when they are walking away looks seriously shaken up.

    So whats going on here, the A10 fired too close to friendly forces?

  6. Close Air Support; dropping munitions in very close proximity to your own troops.
  7. Change of combats needed on return to FOB.

    Did you look at the Apache against four insurgents video on the same link on New years day..............targets will fall when hit.
  8. Just watched it, Fuck me now thats what you call a Delta Hotel!!! Glad all that fire power is on our side
  9. feck me! Danger close indeed!
  10. Even scarier old school `tache at 1.38 :p
  11. Despite it being close, they were 'cool' though :D
  12. What's particularly unpleasant is that "Nicey" there that the SC is talking to was killed later in the tour - Pte Tony Rawston.

    RiP Viking
  13. Ah, that's very sobering.
    Why was he called Nicey?

    Was it something to do with the spoof DJ's Smashy and Nicey?
    Genuine question, just curious.