Cartoons protest charge dropped

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. :roll: :roll: :roll:

  2. What?

    I would like to see what happened if someone did that outside a Mosque or Islamic countrys embassy.
  3. What about considering a lesser charge? s.5 POA? Or Slapping an ASBO on him?
  4. I wonder who will bring out the T-shirt!
  5. Insufficient evidence???!!! :? 8O

    There's photographs of him!
  6. Yes - the photo's showing 'no evidence' are clearly evidence in the case that this government is encouraging anti-white predjudice and racism by not slapping the terrorists. Believe me, if I went to Islamabad and jumped up and down in a boardshorts, Oakleys and flipflops with a placard announcing my hatred of all muslims, I would end up dead. Not imprisoned for five minutes, not made to issue a public apology, not given an asbo. I would sodding dissappear into some underground cell and not reappear. But in the UK, justice and common sense is overruled by voting expediencey of a cetain demographic, required to keep a "grinning, jug eared fool" in power. Awesome.
  7. That's what I find so enraging. I would expect no less than what Sarnian describes, and to be fair it'd be no less than I'd deserve, if I were to commit these acts. That would be enough to make me stop and think about it before I went and did it.

    But that's not how it works in my once glorious country.
  8. Well done the recruiting Sgts for the BNP . There membership will really be growing after this decision . Nice to know we are really second class citizens in our oown country.
  9. Seems as though CPS really does stand for Can't Prosecute Sh!t. I am incredibly annoyed about this. :x
  10. Tin foil hat time: Who made the decision at the CPS? The CPS is extremely politically correct and has a rather large number of Muslim lawyers working for it.

    Tin foil hat off time: that is because 95% of Muslim families in Britain retain strong family values and push their kids to become professionals (not the Bodie and Doyle kind though), hence the Muslim community has a very strong representation in the legal world.

    Still, a very dodgy decision. Maybe the bLiar is getting his old rent-boy friend Charlie F to sort things out.
  11. And is it just a coincidence that this decision was made shortly after the Met Police’s latest glorious balls up? I think not. It’s a political decision not to prosecute, when there’s photographic evidence of their offences, so as not to upset a few gobby b@stards with an attitude problem.

    It grips my sh!t.

  12. I didnt know there was justice in Muslim Countries, Off course the CPS have loads of Muslim lawyers thats why there is no justice in the UK either !!!!

    Why dont we all spam this address with our feelings :
  13. To any hacks reading this, here is a good idea for a story. Why don't you try to obtain any information on why this case was dropped under the freedom of information act. I'm sure it would make interesting reading! :wink:
  14. and like all politically sensitive material, it will take months for them to release it to you :wink: