Cartoons not Basra?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FARMBOY, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone see Kelvin Mackenzie on the BBC this morning saying that the British public wanted to see Tom and Jerry not Basra on the telly. After calming down and having run out of rude words to call Kelvin I thought actually Kelvin, and very very sadly, you are probably right that is what the public really want to see. Very sad to hear it put in those terms on the telly.

    Maybe the BBC in their wisdom could give HM forces (as we are a minority group our own special OPs news Channel for those of us who care more about Herrick and Telic than we do about Tom and Jerry.

    Rant out.
  2. Not a chance. The Sevice community are the last minority it's legal and acceptable to discriminate against.
  3. But Tom and Jerry is soooooo good!
  4. Sadly very true and we are also a minority that everyone has an opinion about and often a misinformed one at that.

    Having done a bit of digging around I find that Mr Mackenzie is no stranger to the world of sh*tespeak, his list of shame goes back to Hillsborough when he managed to get his facts so wrong that the people of Liverpool virtually stopped buying "the Scum". I might of known that Kelvin was connected to THAT rag.
  5. I presume that is the amended version of Tom and Jerry... 'Tominoski and Jerry'.

    Jerry no longer lives in fear as she (just to keep the quotas up Jerry is now female) and her ever expanding number of illegitimate children have now been given a rather nice semi in suburbia.

    Tominoski frequently invites Jerry round to discuss how he can avoid hurting her feelings. :roll:

    Sorry Basra no contest really. :D
  6. I suppose Tommy and Abdul isn't quite the same is it?
  7. Perhaps a Basra version of Tom and Jerry may be in order, featuring insurgents being chased around the streets by British troops who fall foul of a series of cunning ruses using items such as ironing boards, mouse traps, anvils, hammers, spike the dog, roadside bombs and giant man-eating badgers. :roll:

    Every now and again a large stereotypical black lady could batter us around the head with a broom.
  8. Yes indeed! You are absolutely right Tom and Jerry is not very PC and far too violent, it needs a re write and it certainly needs to demonstrate more "SOCIAL INCLUSION" (whatever that means) if it is to be shown on the BBC.

    More suggestions for "modern" Tom and Jerry on a postcard please.
  9. I must admit, while in Basra I was of exactly the same opinion. I wanted a brief respite from it - although in my case it was The Simpsons on Sky One.
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Tom and Jerry is sooo last year. If it was Sponge Bob I could understand it. :roll:
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Though your idea is laudable for the aspect of social inclusion, I must take issue with the violence therein, and the suggestion that said ethnic lady is dominant in the regime being depicted. There is no such thing as a dominant person - we are all of equal value, and equally capable to wield a broom, but only for cleaning, which in and of itself is not a McJob, but an essential service to the community that is provided by a trained 'Hygiene Executive' who is of equal value as a person to those that are the employment empowerment providers. Equal stake-holding is whjat I'm talking about, though I;m not suggesting for one moment that your mental capacity is any less than mine, only that I may have not spoken eloquently enough for your social and verbal perception and comprehension.
  12. Surely if you start introducing Hygiene Executives into the equation then brooms will no longer suffice. Where will it end, everyone out there will be wanting to be fully equipped!!!
  13. The perfect solution Bat_Crab! The BBC presents "Tom and Jerry and the war on Terror" The kids will love it and the BBC will never have to worry about minority groups, licence fees or anything ever again! Hooray!