Cartoon protester was a drug dealer.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. I saw this on the Tele, this morning.

    Just shoot the bloke. Make it serve as an example to all people who want to get their idiotic point accross, regardless of the circumstances.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I notice he’s back peddling like a good un now that he is under threat of his licence being pulled and sent back to clink. Should have thought of that first eh?
  3. So, drawing a cartoon of mohammed is a Bad Thing in islam, but being a drug dealer is OK?
  4. Is it just me being crusty and cynical but it is just a little convenient that "our man in Bedford" turns out to be dirty from way-back. You really think MI5 would work harder...come on boys put the fcekin hours in. No plastic rocks either. :twisted:
  5. if i had my way, i would have had several box vans waiting round the corner and as soon as everybody is in the square protesting and issuing death threats , close off the area and herd them all into the vans and straight to Heathrow airport to fly them out to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan , Iran, anystan. they will then live under "pure" muslim lifestyle as they wanted as quite clearly UK is not good eneough for them.
  6. Ask Blair why no arrests, Hint - double standards, be nice to minorities but who cares about the man in the street. Honesty !!!!!
  7. Apparently he has said therefore, in my eyes he is asking for forgiveness....

    Was he being compassionate when demanding blood because of that cartoon?? On the day of the protest, would he have accepted an appology from the editor of the Danish paper or the cartoonist? Would he heck as like - he would have demanded blood. Now the shoe is on the other foot he has rapidy turned the other cheek. Maybe we should all dress in combats and demand his blood using a christian fatwa equivelent, but then, that makes us as bad as him then doesn't it :evil:
  8. The police couldn't do that, he didn't look Brazili............. (Muffled sounds of a scuffle as SO19 swoop on Legs!)
  9. Knob. No prizes for guessing which party this tit represents.

    The good news is that Bedfordshire Police have now done what the Met should have, and nicked the drug-dealing tw@t.

  10. I recall hearing on the radio yesterday that "the government would back any prosecutions brought by police".

    Since when do police need the the government to back a prosecution? If the police wished to investigate a politician could they then say 'no'? Didn't think so. But hey it looks as if they are doing something.

    Did anyone else catch catch the right wing music documentry last night on Five?

    It is no wonder the far right are making in roads when this regime refuses to treat everyone as equals regardless of colour.

    There is a law. Abide by it and apply it equally to all and the nazis will lose their foot hold ('moral' high ground) and the religious nuts can be deported.
  11. ViroBono!

    You are right. British laws are too soft toward drug dealers and trafficers. In Saudi Arabia their fate would be sad.

  12. Can the Bedford Police ask this tw*t why he found the cartoons so offensive, now. They were publised last September and NO-ONE complained then, over Christmas, only now. I have seen more offensive cartoons but no-one complained. Why is it that we, the working class can laugh at our misfortunes, our religion, but some bigotted idiot can use these cartoons to actively incite people to murder. Oh sorry, I forget that I live in the united kingdon of Blair

    Oops, flashing blue lights outside my house, Bi Bi
  13. I just emailed this MP. He is unlikely to see it (binned sharpish by his office drones, I should think), but if anyone wants to do the same his email is
  14. Just noticed on news that he's been arrested.