Cartoon Demonstration - Arrests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Horridlittleman, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. 5 men have been arrested in relation to the Prophet Muhammad cartoon demonstrations in London. Link BBC News

    Let's see what happens! Shame about the delay :evil:
  2. About bl00dy time too!!!
  3. Chances are they will get thanks of parliament a pension and half a dozen dancing girls.

    Ok maybe not the dancing girls.
  4. Dont be silly, they will get the full backing of Comissioner Blair and be on he's independent race board!!!
  5. I'm sure there are some people who'd like to see them get their 70 virgins when they go to meet the big man upstairs! Or just leave UK seeing as they dislike it here so much. :evil:
  6. All very well and good but why only 5 arrests??
    I bet if the police stuck their thumb up their arrse and didn’t really bother putting much effort into identifying the rabble on those security tapes that they would find at least 100 separate protestor with signs and loud speakers spreading racial hatred.

    The whole bloody lot of them should have been arrested on the day, 5 arrests this late in the day is a joke. They probably wont even receive a small fine :roll:
  7. They probably will, but their benefit won't cover it, so they won't have to pay.
  8. I think there has been a delay in order to prevent any backlash from the islamic community, whilst appearing tough on the demonstrators.

    Had they gone in batons waving, they would have been accused of being racists, fascists and anti-muslim. This way, they can be seen to be doing their job but not provoke any further outrage by the islamic community.
  9. Had they policed it sensibly and correctly in the first place by removing ring leaders and the inflammatory placards the police may well have been subject to the usual politically correct rubbish. BUT if they had done it fairly and even handedly then I'm sure that 99.999% of this country would have taken a deep breath and seen a return to common sense policing. Instead of pussy footing around minority groups who use their minority status as a platform to be treated softly! Therefore creating a them and us attitude.

    Its simple:

    1) christian man stands up with a placard saying "Kill all Muslims" he gets arrested for inciting racial hatred.
    2) muslim man stands up with a placard saying "Kill all Christians" he gets arrested for inciting racial hatred.

    Neither get videoed and arrested weeks later so as not to offend the sensitivities of a particular group. :evil:
  10. Better late than never.
    I have to admit I prefer the method endorsed by the South African Police in the good old days: shoot the first dozen and then set the dogs on anyone who has'nt run away. But I understand how some might see this as a slight over-reaction.
    I will reserve judgement until we see how many people are actually charged and convicted. And what sentances they get. So far, only five people have been arrested. I counted a few more banners than that.
    And since we're discussing the police, there's a question I'd like to ask any serving coppers; if you have to arrest someone while you are off-duty, do you have full powers of arrest or can you only make a citizen's arrest? I once had to help an off-duty copper restrain a violent junkie/shoplifter. I think he had to be formally arrested by the uniformed coppers who turned up later.
  11. They certainly took their time! I saw on "Rail Cops" the other night, someone got arrested under s.5 public order act (?) for swearing in public. Yes, they are different forces altogether but it shows that the Met police could have made arrests much earlier. In addition, if they had acted earlier, I am sure they could have arrested more people.


    I hope they get slapped with a heavy sentence. A sentence that reflects the odiousness and offensiveness of their actions. :evil:

  12. You can put your self back on duty and have full powers of a constable to make an arrest. At a guess, the copper that you helped maybe waited for his uniformed colleagues to make the arrest, so that he wouldn't be involved in the booking in process, so that he could get on with his statement, then get back to off-duty staus. MTM
  13. That's probably the way they see the situation... but...

    1) Police tend to stop people from breaking the law if they suspect they will, certainly if they are breaking the law right in front of them. It would be nice to think that the courtesy of justice was the same for all people...

    2) They arrested two white non-Muslims on the day for similar charges

    3) The police should not pander to the Islamic community. Our behaviour should not be restricted based on what the Islamic community might happen to fly off the handle at.

    Another dimension to consider in this is the political one. Muslims and Islam are constantly trying to a accrew more power by lobbying for special status, laws that suit their sensibilities (like calls for anti-free speech laws) and by generally claiming any issue involving a Muslim as something the Muslim Council of Britain has jurisdiction in (like when Menezes was shot and the MCB were very vocal and interested until they found out he wasn't a Muslim)... this sends out a very bad message that there is one rule for us and another for them, that Muslims are autonomous rather than subject to the laws of this country.
  14. Personally, they should send a message to all muslims: abide by british law, or fcuk off.