Cartilage operation

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Sapper007, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Had a minor cartilage trimming operation 16 days ago, just wondering if anyone has had the same type of thing and how long it took to recover before you were able to get out running again.

  2. Should have mentioned it was on my left knee

  3. With decent rehab you'll eb starting light training after about a month - whichever knee it is........
  4. sapper

    I had my cartiledge done a few years back.

    get to your MO soonest and get a referal to a Remedial Instructor / Regional Rehab Unit.

    They will assess you, tailor a fitness programme for you - and get you back building bridges in good time

    some of the exercises they give you seem a bit 'nancy' - feels like your training for the ballet - but it all works

    you will have lost a bit of your 'proprioception' - try standing on your good leg unsupported and youll find that your balance is off ! its amazing how a little operation can upset your balance mechanism.

    youll be fine as long as you dont cut corners - if they say no running for 10 weeks, then wait ten weeks or youll end up back inthe sh*t at the start again.