Carters replacement as CDS

And now the Game of Thrones for VCDS, the empty 3* positions (probably CJO and DCDS MilCap), and the attendant 2* positions (smart money on needing a new ACDS Ops/Cts for a start, and potentially elsewhere). Plus some disappointed matelots that need either resettlement and/or sideways movement…
Or just pushing them to an inglorious end and then shovelling them 12 feet under. Allegedly.
Understatement - 1SL and 2SL's reorg of NCHQ 'only' required a 69 slide powerpoint deck to explain it. Not quite as radical and innovative as the Navy would have you believe....

My money is on:

CDS - Radakin
VCDS - Wardlaw
1SL - Kyd
1SL appointment just out on DefNet, VAdm Ben Key.
New CJO then, and at least one 2* to backfill…
I heard you the first time
You may think that . . . but although all FOUR items are dated 15 October 2021, they were posted by FORCES NET, at different times of the day . . . the two reporters that are credited/listed, have different names . . . and the subject matter, details, is different, if necessarily similar ;) !!


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Yes much. Chamberlin was trying to avoid a war and , at worst gave us time to rebuild out forces whereas Blair was just crawling up Bushes nether regions to try and claim his place in history.

Further, your opinion was shared by Churchill who consulted Chamberlain regularly during the short time he was Prime Minister before Chamberlain's death in November 1940.
Anyone who thinks a woke is a good idea will probably get the job :mad:
Go woke get broke... Yep a champion for (insert so called oppressed group). It's just cringe worthy PR to make the selfish individual get up further regardless of the pandering and virtue signaling and the damage it actually does to working environments and working relationships etc.. I know quite a few in the RN who are being told to put their 'pronouns' in their sig blocks. I'm still serving and seeing this alot. So basically a politician type, no surprise..


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Indeed. The reality is that pre-TELIC and HERRICK most of us were desperate to go to war - and no doubt our Generals and Admirals were too, and exercised their influence accordingly.

Those who choose to blame it all on the nasty politicians are a bit lame really.

The job of the commanded is to be enthusiastic, the job of the commander, military or political, is to use their considered judgement as to when and how to deploy that enthusiasm - and to ensure that it's properly resourced and supported when they do.
Sounds like Carter is angling for a job as the new Afghan Minister for Tourism. At least he'd get to dispense a lot of hugs on a Thursday.

'A top official in the British military appeared to suggest that Afghanistan could become a tourist attraction in the future under the Taliban rule.

'During his appearance before the Commons Defence Committee, General Sir Nick Carter, the outgoing head of the British military, said he believes Afghanistan could become a holiday destination like Vietnam.

"Would you go on holiday to Vietnam?" Carter asked committee member Mark Francois. The latter said he would rather go to the U.S. before Saigon.

'Carter suggested that like Vietnam, which was under war but has now recovered from its dark days, Afghanistan could also see progress in the future.

"We do not yet see any true indications that international terrorism, or terrorism that would like to have an international effect, is alive and well there," Carter answered.

'The general also insisted that the current Taliban leaders were different from their predecessors who took over the country in the 1990s.'