Carter attacks Blairs Iraq role

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 19, 2007.

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  1. News on the World Service today...

    Better listening to the interview . . .
  2. Jimmy Carter is a moral idiot.
  3. Possibly, but in this case he does have a valid point
  4. So what exactly is a "moral idiot", Lipo? It's obviously something you've heard on FOX or whatever, but explain the expression, please.

    By the way, I recently found out that your surname is "Sukshun", so I can understand why you're so embittered. :D :D :D

  5. I think Jimmy Carter's comments are an insult to Great Britain's sovereignty. It is for this reason that I consider him a moral idiot.
  6. No he's a highly moral man and an idiot. Blair being a mediocre British politician is neither of those.

    I know several Yanks who clearly saw the strategic folly of going to Baghdad and then were swayed by pious Tony's insistence on the venture. His vapid platitudes did not play as well on this side of the pond.

    What's really despicable was his continued spainel like support for the POTUS when the great gamble had failed, disaster was evident and Bush was out cutting brush rather than dealing with it. If ever there was an Administration who needed to be denied a second term it was team Bush. Instead Tony fawned on.

    Blair has not served America well with his toadying, the franker Chirac was a better friend. Carter's right to angrilly call it a tragedy. Even an idiot can see that.
  7. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well actually I'd say that endangering the long term security and defence of the realm through careless ideological adventures is worse. So on the scale of insults the Bliar is definately more culpable.

    We opened a book yesterday on how long you'd been bipedal. Halo Jones said 1979, she right isn't she? You are Homo carterus; not quite got over the loss of proxy control of Iran have you?
  8. LOL You guys are a laugh riot. It's always all about me, eh? Good grief.

    This experience has been quite an eye opener. Bolton was right. The foreign office actively works against the prime minister's policies - and in contravention of democratic mandate.

    Quite clearly, the problem is systemic and Gordon Brown would be well served demanding the fealty of his subordinates in the foreign office.

    Jimmy Carter is a very intelligent man and I admire him in many respects. This doesn't protect him from legitimate criticism however. I fear his progressivism has mutated such that he willingly entertains antisemitism (however reasonably couched) in his attempt to be seen as an "honest broker". This behavior is shameless and vain. Jimmy Carter does no good equivocating between good and evil and indeed, now doesn't seem to recognize the difference.

    I regard him as a depressing spectacle in sharp contrast to what he could have been. This is why I think Jimmy Carter is a moral idiot.
  9. Whereas your blunt bigotry is morally acceptable because it's overt?
  10. Lipo you talk a load of bolleaux. Almost all UK Ambassadors serving in the Mid East warned our PM about the folly of the Iraq War. Guess what? He ignored them. Our PM Blair is a dangerous fool, who is still pretending today that the security situation in Iraq is getting better. The sooner he goes before the ICC the better. A seat in that Court House, would be the hottest in the land.
  11. Ah yes! But John Bolton's argument was that FCO officials have the 'right' to advice - even if it's "plain wrong" - but should follow orders once the policy is set. Irrespective of how foolish said policy is.

    He overtly criticised the democratic process as seen in the US/UK and advocates nudging the 'democratic' practices now in place towards more dictatorial methods.

    Worrying! :x
  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Take your American concept of pseudo greek democracy and insert it in your ARRSE.

    Firstly this is a constitutional monarchy. Secondly the current monarchy is known as 'The Firm' that means 'current firm'. The Foreign Office is also known as 'The Firm', but more loosely correlates to the 'old firms' (now there's a secret about the vetting process :twisted: ). Personally I give more creedence to people whose family have been in the game for centuries than Blair's breed of idiot...
  13. The Foreign Office has no democratic legitimacy. To the extent its agents act in contravention of the Prime Minister's policies, they are in violation of their mandate. John Bolton correctly pointed out that this systemic flaw exists not only in Great Britain but is well entrenched in the United States.

    It is a very serious flaw and I hope legislation is enacted to reform these institutions, bring them to heel and make each individual within them answerable to political power.
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Actually let's hope not. Let's make politicians answerable to agents of the crown; we can start with Tony. Personally I think during a holiday in Tuscany as a sign of renewing old treaties and as a sign of good faith... :twisted:
  15. Brilliant idea. Let's turn the entire civil service fraternity in both the US and the UK into 'yes sir' drones only doing precisely as they are told by their political masters.

    Nazi Germany springing to mind once again Lipo!