Carsoe House

A bit of a random question, but does anyone have a grid reference for Carsoe House on Otterburn Ranges? If it's still there that is. I can't find it on the map, but then it was 1980 since I was last there.
'Carshope', I've just checked the map and yes that's the place. Forgive my age addled memory. I wasn't trying to be difficult or oblique, just that it was 30 years ago.

Thanks for your input.
Carshope House - we used to do an COIN exercise there every year, aided inour education by THEM from Prudhoe...Good dust-ups in the final assault phase. Always some leary SAS(R) type who wanted to mix it with the "student *******". Unfortunately not all the students were 18 year old girls...

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