Anyone know of any good car sharing sites, or any made for squaddies?
I go from Bicester to Ripon every weekend and with the fuel prices etc. its getting to cost me quite a bit.
Yea but when your in an IPT and its small, not much use.
The NAAFI is always empty (BOWMAN training) and no sqn or coy except down in Blandford, I think.

Thanks anyway.
Car sharing? Fcuk that! I want a bigfoot carbon footprint. I want to melt the icecaps, deplete the ozone and see dumbass polar bears extinct in my lifetime. Why? Because apparently everything bad in this world is down to us, we are fined in taxes to compensate for it so I want my moneys worth.
I dont give two sh1ts about my carbon footprint, I want to save money.
Switch to LPG or biodiesel then, oh, and switch to a pre '72 car to avoid road tax (I suggest an early range rover with an upgraded V8 on LPG)

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