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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by karlosondet, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi all newbie here!

    Hoping for some guidance, just been advised I am off to Cyprus in August (woohoo) and was looking at taking my car with me. I had considered selling it but as I would have had it for 1 year and as it is financed over 5 years I will be seriously out of pocket!

    Has anyone here had any experience of moving a car to Cyprus and has any idea as to how much import tax I would have to pay.

    All help is appreciated.............. Cheers
  2. It's not a Mini Moke is it?
  3. No although what a good idea!

    Car in question is a 2010 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec S
  4. Don't they still get tax-free cars in Cyprus. If that's the case why go to the expense of taking an old one out there?
  5. As its a 2010 car my thoughts were take it with me and run it for the 3 years and bring a new one back with me.
  6. I can only offer anecdotal evidence of a figure in the region of £4000 as of a few years ago. But might be complete arrse as it was a crab who told me.
  7. f@*king hell............. How much!!!!!!....... Might need to sell it in that case.

    Was thinking EU country and all that would be hundreds not thousands!!
  8. According to Google, Grimaldi Ferries run a car ferry out of Southampton to Limassol every Saturday - try:
  9. Cheers for the info mnairb will look into it
  10. I personally wouldn't take it mate. After being out there for a tour, they rip you off with the import tax (and your car gets fucked because of the weather and road conditions, not to mention pissed up local drivers).
    Even being tax-free they are not that cheap to export back neither. Buy a banger out there for the duration of your tour, there are always plenty getting sold on.
  11. My mate took his car there and it cost him 6K in total.....not really worth it.
  12. M & S Shipping will ship it for you. I shipped 2 back when I returned in 2007. I think it cost just under £1000 per car. You need to factor in insurance. Also you will need to register it on arrival and pay an import tax that is based upon engine size. M & S will quote you for all related aspects including Registration I think. They were very good. I would give them a call - +44 (0) 1708 340034.
  13. Cheers for all the info guys will definatly drop them a line Ops Offr.
  14. Everything in Cyprus is at least 3 times more expensive than UK, even though its tax free.
  15. Mate, indulge it out here for free on a military vessel leaving Marchwood.

    You will need to pay clearance charges though, approx 300 euros.

    Then, you will need to register, tax, MOT and insure the vehicle. The cost depends on engine size, weight, CO2 emissions etc.

    Anything over 2 litre and you are talking 1000-2000 all in, possibly more. I also know people who have paid over 6K to bring a super duper new 3 litre vehicle over. Anything smaller, then you are talking upto 1000 euro all in. Most people get an advance of pay when they first get here to assist with these costs. If you have not long bought your vehicle then I would probably bring it out here. After your tour has finished then maybe you could sell it over here before you go back to UK. I only say this because 2nd hand cars out here are at extortionate prices, meanin that you would get a better price for it out here than back home.