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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forks, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently in training in the UK at the moment, and I want to get a car. How would it work if I got my car insured over here, and then went to Germany within 6 months or so? Don't want to lose 6 months of insurance because I'm off to Deutschland.

    Or would I be paying for a years worth and just lose my money altogether? It'll be my first car you see and I'd really like to get one instead of paying huge train ticket costs everytime to go home.

  2. Find a company that will insure your car in Germany as well, I'll PM you the one I use!
  3. Or, alternatively, if that company do not give good deals for first time car owners, you don't have to insure the car for a full year. I'm assuming, also, that if it's your first car, it'll be expensive ..... and you'd choose to pay monthly. But I've no idea of the situation in Germany.
  4. If you need headlights for your car check out in a few months as there will be some on there by then. Where are you going to in germany?
  5. Assuming you are planning to flog your car when you go to Germany...

    If you insure your car for less than a year it'll cost you a lot more per month coz insurance companies are like that. Insure it for the full year and then cancel the insurance once you have sold the car. The insurance company will refund you for the unused portion of the year.

    If you are stupid in the head and plan to take the car to Germany with you...

    Insure it with Norwich Union through NAAFI. This won't be the cheapest policy that you'll be able to get but you will be able to change the cover to BFG and thus run up a full years no claims. Always assuming that you make no claims...

    Finally since you have access to the Internet make sure check and before you buy!
  6. Yeah, I was planning to flog the car when I went to Germany, I'm off to Fallingbostel by the way.

    Is it possible to cancel motor insurance after a few months for a first time driver? I'm only going to be in the UK until the summer, it'd be very convienient if I could just cancel it when I get rid of the car, but I didn't think this was an option usually. Would I be liable to any extra charges?

    Or say I use an insurance company that will give me BFG cover, do I just switch it when I go to Germany? So UK cover until summer, and then change the policy when I go to Germany?
  7. If you are married get your wifes name as the main driver, it will reduce your premium by at least 15%
  8. If you are in training at the moment, I would advice that you wait until you get a posting order, then see what that unit is up to before spending money on a car which may spend the first 6 months waiting for you to get back (with a large wad of cash) from sunny climes.
  9. If you cancel a 12 month policy 6 months in; you may only get 4 months worth of refund (or whatever the insurance company's T&C says). It is well worth shopping around and checking cancellation fees/short term policies before you get the car.

    If you go with Norwich Union then all you do is phone them up and tell the date that you going to Gerrmany (the LTA on your posting order) and your premium will be adjusted accordingly. One phonecall; that's it. But why are you taking a second-hand car to Germay where it's value will plummet and the steering wheel wil be on the wrong side?

    Flog it before you go and pick up a LHD car in Germany. German cars are on average 30% cheaper than UK. YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!!!!!!!!
  10. You misunderstood or I was not clear enough, when I'm off to Germany(as in before I leave) I'll sell the car in the UK, not Germany. Madness!

    I actually only passed my test today and my dad is getting a Vectra for me this week. I'll do some insurance shopping this week and see what I can get. It's very important for me to get a car right away, so I couldn't really wait until I get posted to my regiment.

  11. Wait til you get out there before even considering buying, Forks. There's loads of good deals to be had and you could end up paying a lot less for your car which could help out a bit with the cost of insuring it...IMHO.
  12. Forks,

    I have to agree with Major B. Once you know what your new unit is up to and you reckon you'll make use of a car, get a LHD one in Germany. Second hand cars in Germany are much cheaper than in the UK - and if you recently passed your test, you'll benefit more from driving a car with the steering wheel where it's supposed to be...

    Have a look at - there's an English option.

    Hope this helps,

  13. Plus with the units moving out the Traz soon there will be some cheap motors kicking around both LHD/RHD I knew someone who would see a car eye it up and wait until the person selling it was a week or less from posting then make a silly offer...normally just glad to get shot and take the money :thumleft: