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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by luke, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. OK,

    I'm in Germany, got a loan sorted, got my BFG driving licence sorted, found a decent second-hand car for a good price and I've even roped in a German civvy to help me but now I am a bit confused...

    Once I buy the car what do I do about registering it with the German equivalent of the DVLA, do I need to register it to get the correct Number plates?

    I am in Elmpt but the car currently has the MG prefix on the VRN, do I need to register it to get the car a VRN with the Elmpt prefix? Or do I just buy the car, leave the MG VRN on it and the BFG office does the rest via the BFG process?
  2. If you're a member of BFG, I'm sure it has to be registered with them. Also makes sense as you can get fuel coupons making it extremly cheap to run.

    BFG will issue plates from the area where you are quartered, eg if you worked in Guetersloh and lived in the Bielefeld MQ's, you would have the BI plate, if you let them know at the time of registeration.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Its been a few years since leaving Germany but had a couple of left hookers aswell in that time. I believe you still book it in for a BFG if over three years of age(still needed even if its had a TUV test. Then Just take all your paperwork, insurance details, ect to the BFG office and they will do the lot for you. it used to take around three -four weeks for plates and fuel card but worth it. Speak to your MT who will have up to date info.
  4. It only takes a few days now for plates and paperwork to come back.
  5. Each unit/Garrison will have a BFG Vehicle Licencing Clerk. They are you port of call for registering your car. They will help you fill out you BFG Form 20 and tell you what you need to do which will allow you to register your car with the BFG VLO.

    As said being BFG Registered will allow you to buy fuel cupons which are great. I spend 5.85 euros for 10 l of diesel, where in a german garage it would cost you about 13 euros.

    Once you are registered and you have your BFG Form 73 (Fuel Card) you get your car inspected once a year by the BFG Inspection team if its older than 3 yrs old, which is sort of like a MOT but not as hard.

    Much easier, and less costly than being on the civi net over here.
  6. Cheers, I got the answers I was hoping for! Once I buy the car will I have to leave it at the garage until BFG issue me the plates? I assume the BFG office is civvy-staffed, so I'm not confident in it.... 8o

    Also, the car only has a speedo in KMs, is it legal to drive it back to the UK?

    edit to add: the vehicle currently does not have proper german plates like I thought, when I took it for a test drive it was wearing red lettered temporary plates that garages use for test drives...
  7. BFG staff are OK as long as you are not within 2 hours of them taking a break or end of shift, they start their wind down then. :D

    Ref speedo: it is not illegal to drive in the UK, there are even reminder signs at dover as to what speed limit is what. If you plan to bring the car back at the end of your tour though there are issues with it when it gets MOT'd.
  8. Thanks for the help fellas