Cars and BFG

Feck knows where to post this. So its going in here.

I Understand the reasoning as to why you have to BFG your cars........

I run 2 cars. My car (the family car) and the other (hers) a little runaround. As it stands the little car is not BFG'd as its not worth it, and I have lost the Farzeugbrief.

My Question is this: If I can prove the little car has valid insurance and an indate TÜV (MOT), what is stopping me getting a car pass onto camp?

As far as the German authorities go, the car is road legal.

Why is this?
So what about the civvies who work on camp? (Not all the civvies I hasten to add)

Their cars are not BFG'd.

Why is that?
My only guess is they're not covered by SO BA(G)s. However, having your own car on the German net should not be a problem. Just means you can't get fuel coupons, but as you said, on a small car, that shouldn't be a problem. I think SO BA(G)s say you have to BFG'd. Not mega sure though.
If the civvies work on any Army establishment in Germany, surely they are covered by Standing Orders with regards to insurance etc......
Doubt it...imagine the authorities telling them they are not allowed on camp unless they cut the corner of their Fahrzeugbrief and get their cars BFG'd. That rule only applies to the mil and probably the UKBCs
Adjutant said:
Why is this?

This is because BFG Standing Orders say so. And that's about all there is to say, really....
If I had seen this question 11 years ago, my answer would be the same as the Adj + Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) which gave BAOR/BFG its duty free privileges and gave a soldier the authority to drive a Tank Transport (With an FMT 600, if it still exists) at the age of 17, but would not allow them to have a BFG driving licence and own their own private car until they where 18.Which was in line with German law.

[align=center]As I say 11 years ago! :( [/align]
Of topic. (My thread so I can)

Nice WWW link Conductor. Used to live in Sandcliffe Road by the Warren.

Memories huh?!?!?!?!
Yes_Sir! said:
Of topic. (My thread so I can)

Nice WWW link Conductor. Used to live in Sandcliffe Road by the Warren.

Memories huh?!?!?!?!
Small World. That link is my site
Sent link to me old man who is the middle of the Atlantic on Gas Rig.

Wallasey man through and through. Born in Sandiways road.

Made his night.

Small things...........
here we go, if your lass is german, get the car registered at her folks house. then you cant be touched. thing is tho, you'll have to pay road tax and full duty on heres my question, do you have just too much money?
Car already registered at her folks house.

In all fairness I use it more than she does. Its just getting past the MGS at the gate and the BFG Docs by the RMP.

Road tax is for 2 years and for the milage I do well petrol hardly matters. Its only a 1.2l

Too much money? Signals? Never!!!!
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