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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lifesabummer, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if a CO can zero everyones leave card at the end of the year. IIRC, JPA automatically carries over a max of 15 days leave and anything else has to be justified to the CoC. I've got 10 days left for this year and due to Ex and Unit inspections no chance of getting the leave in. Brought up the subject with my boss and was told to not rock the boat and just take it.

    Anyone know if this can legally happen.
  2. I would not like to be the CO of the unit that does that (not that I ever would be a CO), but you are right 15 is automatically carried over, any figure above that can be denied.

    I don't think that it can just be taken off of you (unless you had taken leave but not had it entered onto JPA)

    Which unit is this, just so I can avoid it :D
  3. Agreed, up to 15 days should be automatically carried forward. This is from JSP 760 (not guaranteed that this is the current edition):

    And don't forget:
    cheers, BAFF
  4. Last year there was some directive about "Baselining" of leave. It's not so much putting everyone to zero, more about ensuring that any leave on someone's JPA as outstanding is justified and correct. Therefore, if the individual can show that he has every period of leave he has taken in the last 2 or 3 years (including all those long weekends which are still leave) on his JPA record then he has a right to carry forward leave. Doubt many can do that hence units trying to cut down the outstanding leave. The problem goes back to pre JPA when lots of leave was never recorded and this has been carried over year after year and has never been sorted properly. It is a difficult one to sort out and of course becomes emotive.
  5. Our CO has just announced that he will only allow 5 to be carried over this year :(
  6. Suggest your CO reads the JSP and that you read JSP 831 regarding complaints.

    The old bollox about "leave is a privilage not a right" does not apply any more thanks to a raft of employment law, human rights legislation and the like.

    edit to add
    1.010 Up to 15 days’ Annual Leave that remains untaken at the end of each leave year will be carried forward automatically to the next leave year.

    the key word here is WILL, not might or will, subject to the CO not being a pr1ck-I bet your CO has got his leave in this year

  7. Nice post. The lads and ladies have more than earned it.

    I remember in Berlin the CO was only allowing half our leave to be taken outside Germany.
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