Carrying over leave days reduced?


Had a look to see if this issue has been raised but search turned up 'nil'

Anyway, we heard on the Comd Gp today that the ILA that is automatically carried over on JPA is to be reduced from 15 days to 10 days. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Before all you has-beens get carried away with your smart remarks about managing leave properly etc - this is more of a warning shot to those guys who have been on operations that involved PDT during the periods they would normally take 3 weeks over summer, and being on tour over the two weeks they would normally take over Xmas/NY.

If it's true it might cause a few headaches for those trying to squeeze in another 5 days on top of their missed summer and Xmas leave and 9-15 days POTL. Oh and any AA they have picked up for things like royal weddings etc.

Again, any confirmation (DINs etc) either way will be most welcome.
I got an Email the yesterday saying that 15 days are going to be carried over so make sure I use anything over that amount.

Most people doing the summer Herrick tours have problems fitting all their leave in so it will be interesting if they really are going to cut it although some of the better COs will carry over all excess if a tour is the reason for it being built up.
There's a policy letter written on the rollout of JPA stating that ILA carry forward would be zero'd every four years - the first of which was 2011. Clearly this didn't happen as the policy was reviewed last January and rescinded rather sharply. There has always been an appetite to reduce the amount of carry over, encouraging the CoC to ensure leave is taken - but this requires tri-service agreement, which takes time.

There is nothing on paper yet to suggest this is the case, and is probably the result of rumour or a local policy.
These sort of threats are ussually circulated about this time of year to try and encourage individuals to reduce their day count and take unwanted time off to reduce paperwork and the hassle of staffing by people who didn't manage their blokes leave properly earlier in the year (or refused it) and now do not want to explain why so many of their blokes need to carry so much over.

In my limited experience of the way things are currently done, the worst offenders for not submitting leave are officers & SNCO's (the top corridor) who generally self authorise. It is amazing how many of this type of individual take full Easter, Summer & Christmas yet still manage to be able to carry their full compliment over.

As a staff officer once explained to me "Well you see CAARPS JPA is very much a soldiers sport"

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