Carrying Bergen with webbing- How??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CDT gruntfuttock, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. This is probably a pretty basic question, but how do you comfortably carry a bergen with belt webbing? The kit I have is a lowe Saracen and standard PLCE webbing belt kit with yoke, it seems the pack won't fit over the webbing, and when it's on top, all the weight comes on my shoulders and drives the webbing down over my hips? Help on this would be appreciated :)
  2. Use the issue bergan, it sits high specifically for sitting on top of your webbing
  3. Depends on your height, you can get issued either the long or short back Bergen. With the problem you're having, I'm guessing you need a short back to sit on the webbing, not over.
  4. I'm a bit shorter than the average, so the shorter back length on the bergen only just sits on the top of the webbing, should the webbing be higher to carry the weight of the webbing belt on the hips? or lower to carry the bergen waist strap on the hips?
  5. Bergens like the Saracen are not designed to be worn with belt order.The Saracen is a long back Bergen with a built in hip belt that is designed to spread the weight of the load between your hips and your shoulders if worn properly.
    On your Hips!
    If you are wearing belt order you can't use the Saracens waist belt as intended and you will be very uncomfortable after a very short time.The Saracen works ok with Chest rigs and Battlevests alright as they ride above the waistbelt.
  6. You need to set the straps on the shoulders and waist to distribute evenly. Also, the contents need to be packed properly I.e. heavy weight at the top to prevent you being pulled backwards & down.
  7. Webbing around waist (not up by armpits) and shortback bergan sitting on the top of the real utility pouches.
  8. I recommend you get a 58 pattern large pack. They were designed to fit above webbing and are both capacious and comfortable.
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  9. Jesus.

    Put on your PLCE. Put on your issue Bergen. Tab.

    It has worked for generations of Infantry soldiers.

    Are you wearing the Bergen on your back or front? Is your webbing above or below your nipples?
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  10. 1. Put your arms through the big strappy things that come off the top corner of the bergan.

    2. Carry it on your back in a manly, warlike manner.

    3. Don't try and fill it with water as a really big camelback. It doesn't work.

    4. Rocket pouches aren't really rockets. Never base your last ditch anti tank defence around them.

    5. Don't soak your bergan in petrol over night then smoke while you're tabbing.
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  11. X59

    X59 LE

    You must be joking, my 58 Patt large pack was neither capacious nor comfortable !
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  12. Wah?
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  13. Let me guess

    In true cadet style instead of wearing your belt kit as a belt you have it up round your nipples like a bra as if it's it's a set of 37 webbing?

    Last time I carried a bergen all the weight was indeed meant to come down on my shoulders and drive the webbing onto my hips as thats how you need to set the webbing up, so the bergen rests atop the 3 pouches at the back - the waist belt on the bergen does **** all it's just there to stop the bergen swinging out into space if you have to climb or abseil.

    Now stop being raving gayer and get used to it.
  14. X59

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    Ok, Busted.

  15. Put an arm through each shoulder strap (right arm through right strap and left through the left), make sure the lid is to the top.