Carry on or not?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. OOOH, I feel poorly

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  2. Make space for more alcohol, hoy like a anorexic, and carry on, demanding the kareoke fella plays el

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  1. Right, picture the scene, you have had a few swallies, danced like a diva, drank like a thaaaang, (them cocktails have made your legs all wobbly), you have shown your "speshul bits" on the dance floor. All of a sudden,you feel the urge to puke. My question is: do you hoy and make the space for more beer/wine/cocktails, or do you just carry on and vomit on the floor at the discotheque (sp) and groove, once again, like your life depended on it because you know you are the best dancer there.

    Just a little question....

    Because I know, it's a fact, that I am best ever in the world at kareoke after a few cheeky Vimtos. Everybody says so.
  2. sluggy

    Ive got some sympathy tablets in the cupboard

    do you need any??
  3. Casually vomit, taking care not to make an issue of it, quick rinse with the Cheeky Vimto and carry on normal jogging.
  4. What you do is go to the bogs, vomit and then with optimism that is unrivalled to drunk blokes, buy as many condoms as spare change allows (of course opting for a 'novelty tickler' if available).

    You're pissed, the bottom of your shoes are covered in wee, you smell like vomit and you are therefore almost guaranteed to get a shag.
  5. I wonder where you hang out at parties????

  6. Dale has been doing the normal thing.

    The normal thing for her is to drink vodka in her basha before posting balls on the internet.
  7. saucer of milk is needed me thinks!

    come along Sid the sexist - next witty reply
  8. Are you banging her?

    Now fuck off nursey.
  9. oh IM SCARED

  10. Ooh, geordie, I knew you fancied me, I didn't think you had set up an OP outside my room. Are you going to put the bit where I puked Lucozade all over the lappy on youtube?

    P.S. I didn't get my Valentine's Day Card from you. Unless you consider a shite in a shoebox to be true love and affection. If so, I love you too. I hope you enjoyed the kittens heads stuffed with Brie, and garnished with my pet poodle's turds, with a hint of paprika. Made it meself. :highfive:
  11. tactical spewing all the way spew up then replace with booze
  12. good skills,

    carry on normal jogging
  13. You know it baby.....