Carry on normal jogging ( return of the TA )

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. So has anyone had the nod yet from the CoC that things are back to normal, parade nights and weekends are back on ?
  2. Nothing come through for us yet. Would be nice if others realized that too.
    10 calls yesterday with the same question.
  3. The comment in the email that had the letter attached said it all.....Mark Time!
  4. Had the email from Bde, but still waiting for the guidance on how to turn the lights on again :D

    Seriously though, I hope no-ones expecting things to be like they were before. Land has to make savings irrespective of the gov pumping more money in. The grown ups will have to decide where savings are to be made and the TA, unfortunately, will still have to bite the bullet in some shape or form :(
  5. If that means an end to soldiers signing in for a day during the week then only achieving the movement of vehicles and being the psi's brew bitch then good. Thats exactly what we dont need, countless ski trips, battlefield tours and sailing trips ? Dont need them either.
  6. Had a text message from my Unit last night to add to the one from last week. The two separate messages can be summed up thus:

    "Off the paysheet - on the paysheet!"
  7. Speak for yourself. Life's a balance, not a one trick pony.

    That said, PR09 will still be turgid - the £20m only brings us back to where we didn't really want to be anyway.

    Good news though:

    1. Threat of a Ghurka style campaign will mean they will leave us alone next time

    2. PR10 won't now be a small uplift from nothing

    3. The TA may yet survive.

    Just checking the snow fall in the swiss alps - gotta dash
  8. are you in the Army or not??

    if so, we don't do "Campaigns"...marches on downing street, protests or otherwise....we do what we're fcuking told...

    that's the problem with the TAs, you think that you're independant of the me, that will be your undoing...there are now sufficient numbers of 1* and 2*s that are groing ante of the TA (for the reasons above) who will gladly swing the axe.
  9. but in the mean time i have a skiing trip to prepare for pip pip
  10. .. except if Land tries to rob the teapot again and not restore the cuts to the TA, then I suspect then the sh1t will REALLY hit the fan in the House...

    They still don't get it, do they.. :roll:

    Up to 2000 TA funding was ringfenced to stop the regular CoC pulling this type of stunt. In many ways, this fence really needs to go back in to protect the reserve capability.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And this time they will do the staff work better, make the justifications stronger, and support it with the imposition of longer term budget cuts rather than just in year savings.

    Leave us alone? Are you a betting man? The TA will not be left alone. It WILL change. In Govt terms, change=cuts.

  12. At the expense of regular forces? If LAND only has a budget of so much, THEY have decide, as that is their job, where to make cuts, to believe anything different shows naivity. The cuts will just be better justified next time.

    Get off your high horse and stop believing the TA is a sacred cow that LAND will be too scared to touch. Or you really will create a them and us atmosphere.

    LAND could have been more savvy and played the PR game the way the TA MPs did, and shouted about how the cuts will now have to come from the regulars, i don't think the TA would be looked upon quite so favourably then.

    E,g Reduction in reg recruiting, still going ahead, reduction in budget for SCS, still going ahead, no planned improvements to quarters, single accom. All of these will probably be hit again next year.

    Imagine the scenario. An old damp run down army quarter, (pretty much like the one i live in currently) with some young wife and baby whose husband is in Afghan on £18 k a year, then flash to a TA Soldier, Rocket Scientist by trade, earning more than a Colonel in the regs, mincing around some obscure trg area, with no intention of deploying as his employer won't allow him and he can't be compulsorily called up. I think the TA would be closed down overnight if left to the X Factor type vote our people follow. I could put it together in an hour or so pass it to the SUN and bobs your uncle. But we don't play that game in the regs. We just get on with it.

    This was a very dangerous game the TA played and i think you's will pay for it in the long run.

    I personally don't agree with the cuts, though i can see why the TA was chosen, but i also don't see the regs taking cuts to save the reserve.
  13. In the few months that remain of this Government, I would not bet on another attack on any reasonably well publicly supported group such as the TA. Liarbour needs every single vote it can get just to avoid a totally devastating defeat, let alone a victory and will be carefull not to make such a cock up again in the short time remaining to it.

    When we get a new government, which, lets be honest, is likely to be led by Mr Cameron, THAT will be the time when we need to ensure that those who represent us at Land, in Whitehall and at the private London gentlemens clubs where all these deals are REALLY thrashed out are working their nuts off to ensure that savings are made where they can be safely made and investment is made where it should be made

    Edited to add. I agree with what Crunchie has said. The TA is in a very dangerous place right now. It has lost its original mandate/ role and hasn't had a properly defined new one yet. As MSR and others have said on other posts, this needs to be sorted ASAP. My view would be, in extremely simplistic terms to simply employ the TA as part time members of the regular forces. It is the role we are currently filling in any case and would get rid of the tour dodgers and allow for proper integration with the regs. I do not want to see another 'them and us' battle on here or in the press.
  14. so when these shite storm does come about and we invade .. insert country here and once again you dont have enough boots on the groud such as telic (6000 on telic 1 sent) dont start crying to the TA cause we wont be there any more. I agree we do have to many walts and hasbeens but so does the army get rid of the dead wood and we wouldnt have any psi etc cause you wouldnt send us any to train us its a double edge sword and dont forget this was the second cut his year for the TA not the first. so we havent gone back to normal were still on reduced training! and correct me if im wrong but your rent for housing is ledd the "£200 a month now were in civvy street do you get that soort of rent my 2 bed end terrece cost me that in council tax alone! so pay more rent towards better accomidation
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Oh yes he can.

    No-one wants to see any cuts, the thing is some can see just how wasteful the MOD is in so many areas.