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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by labrat, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. New job has forced me into taking regular short trips abroad on expenses (bummer eh?) - but unfortunately on sleazyjet rather than fancy business class travel :eek:(

    Having got somewhat pissed off waiting around at the merry go round hoping my stuff would appear, I've decided to get myself a carry on sized bag so that I can carry just enough for the few days rather than automatically going equipped for every eventuality as I'm used to (did I really need to carry a first aid kit to Geneva!) - the problem is that most of the ones I've seen being wheeled along make people look like complete and utter tossers!

    So, has anyone seen any reasonably priced carry on type bags that are hard wearing and look blokey/tactical/walty enough to be carried by an ex-serviceman?
  2. Get one of your mates to get you a bug out bag from the px. Bug out is the brand name.

    This became standard issue amongst all of us on the staff at 4 Bde, no hanging around and you can get a weeks worth of kit into it inlcuding a laptop. Its exactly the size of the max dimensions when full and is really the shizzle!
  3. Sorry, I thought the thread was about a new film with Jim Dale, Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams in it. :roll:
  4. You're ex-services fella, get yourself a camelbak BFM in desert or green and covered in molle straps or get the smallest North face bag with your zap number stencilled on each side. 'Walting with Confidence' :? :? :D

    If you do want to be more subtle than I am, may I suggest either of these badgers at £65:
  5. I fly reasonably regularly and dispense with the lottery that is hold luggage. I use a simple daysack. It's large enough to cram enough socks, shreddies and a few shirts in, as that's all I invariably need, I could easily slip a slimline laptop in there too if I had one. The negro in the cutting shed is that I tend to acquire monster amounts of shower gel which I'm forced to get airside (or at the other end of the journey) - rather than keeping one in the wash kit as of days of old.

    The daysack being DPM also marks me out as one of the chosen; and with my toned body, pert buttocks and dazzling good looks it's only a matter of time before I get laid... probably. Unfortunately, it also marks me out as a potential hijacker, as that's the only reason I can find to explain why I get hammered for searches EVERY fcuking time I go through the security checks - whilst every other swarthy Jeff seems to breeze through without as much as a 'Can I check your suicide vest please sir?' I put it down to (ex-)squaddy envy.
  6. As a lone male passenger with no hold baggage, you will deffo get singled out for extra attention. I'll bet a pound that you also regularly get allocated a seat next to a sky-marshal without you knowing about it :? 8O :D
  7. msr

    msr LE

    One of these: ?

  8. Hmm, I do seem to always get allocated a window seat - presumably to make it easier to pin me against the fuselage should I attempt to rush the flightdeck in a rabid frenzy of martyrdom. Still, it saves me asking for a window seat.
  9. Damn, beaten to it!
  10. the down side about no hold baggage is that if you're running late they will leave without you as they don't have to unload your bag before taking off, they would rather wait 10 minutes to see if you show up than root through the hold to find you washing!
  11. Its a guarenteed old hands travel trick, once the hold bagggage is in you can be last man on the plane, allowing for further drinking activities
  12. Any laptop rucksack. Most have a compartment for clothing.

    If you need extra space, leave the laptop at home.

    The downside with not having hold luggage is that you can't take sharps - Swiss Army Knife, Leatherman, scissors, bayonet, etc. - but if you're making frequent trips, you could leave a stash of these in your overseas office.

    Personally, I always take hold baggage. I've been too close to missing flights because of steel toe-capped boots or shoes. The hold baggage is an insurance against the flight leaving without me. If there's a delay on the far side collecting luggage, it hasn't been a problem - meetings don't start until everybody's present, and I'm usually there before the locals anyway.
  13. the problem now with carry-on travel only is liquards, i.e your wash kit containing shower gel, aerosol cans and the like. so you have to buy new each trip when you get there then bin them on way home (can be expensive)

    I'd much rather sling a converty rucksack/holdall on my shoulder than do a 'walk-ee's' with a roller-bag thank you!

    the Bulle Molle 72 hr pack on website at 65 quid is a very good hand-luggage bag, covered in molle and with 2 molle utility pouches fitted on the sides, is still within Ryan Air's hand luggage dimensions (I have proven!)!. also in ally colors such as tan, OG, black and ACU (yuk!!!!!)
    and after returning from 6 days on the p#ss in bratislava with a tan one of them as my hand luggage (and black highlander converty holdall rucksack-65 ltr loader, their ace, as check-in hold baggage), entering o'neils at stanstead airport for big dead-thing burger and pint before coach, it and me got eyed-up by very short haired bloke (me thinking he is or was military or I've pulled!)!

    if you are checking in hold baggage, then it is best to have handles on the ends as well as the middle (the easier you make it for the baggage handler, the less rough treatment your bag gets!), you have no helmets or webbing dangling on the outside, and if it has rucksack straps, a means to stash these just before you check it in to avoid them catch in conveyer belts and snaging on aircraft door hinges and the like
    (and VC10 hold floors!!!!!!!!!!! :x ).


    incidentaly, the weight limit for hand luggage on RAF aircraft is now 4kg!
    (I didnt mke the rules!) where as its about 20 kg's on BA long haul flights (and they arnt taking people off to war!)!
  14. I'm with you on the whole "wheeled luggage" concept. Any reasonably fit and able bloke who feels unable to carry a flightbag over his shoulder, needs lobbing in a pit of quick lime, lest he infect us all with his limpwristedness.
    I also hate anything garish or synthetic, which is why I use one of these....

    .........(quick edit) Its cheaper here........