Carroll Shelby 1923-2012

Buggers cars cost us our unrestricted motorways in 1964!

RIP to a true giant of the motorsport world, and the man who gave us the ultimate hairy chested sports car.
I couldn't give a ****. I've never understood why it even makes the news when somebody who once did something of no real significance dies. At least he wasn't an actor, I suppose.
The story goes that he'd take customers for a drive in the Cobra and to demonstrate the acceleration he'd place a $100 bill on the dashboard and say that the bill was theirs if they could grab it as he floored it. Apparently, no-one ever managed to grab the bill.

Fell in love with the Cobra the first time I saw 'The Gumball Rally' as a kid. One day... [sigh]
If he had spent as much time on suspension development as he did with the engine you might have been able to drive them around corners. and please don't quote from "bullitt".
I know what you mean, but it's not always about corners either. I like my corners, but there is something to be said for pure straight line speed. That's why I have 2 different cars for 2 different purposes back home. A 'Stang GT for straightline lazy cruising and a 'lil SVT Focus for corners. They are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum and I like it that way.

The current Shelby 'Stang GT500 is not half bad at cornering though....had one for a week from work.

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