Carriers May Be Delayed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ottar, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. FT linky

    What a marvellous idea, delaying the largest gap in the UK's defence capability.
  2. Perhaps they are trying to send a covert message to the Argies again?
  3. Imagine that......another Labour Government cock up.
  4. This may just be BAe squealing and trying to place pressure on the MOD!

    But the MOD doesn't need any external pressure... it gets all it needs from the Treasury!

  5. Mmmmm, a defence project delayed? I'd never have guessed!
  6. When oh when will HM Gov get it into their skulls that Defence of the Realm is an expensive game.
    Get the NHS wrong as they have done and folk suffer when sick, get defence wrong and the nation will cease to exist.
  7. Think about it. How much does the Falklands cost us a year???

    Tinfoil hat says if the Argies did that again Broon would just let them have their little Island in the middle of nowhere.
  8. Do the Falklands 'Cost' us ?
    Or are they a long term investment ?
    Back in 82 they produced little in real terms but now they do earn large sums via fishing and are they not considered a Potential Site for Black Gold ?
  9. As I understand it, it is currently uneconomic to drill the oil surrounding the islands.

    As oil is now at $100 a barrel and rising and world stocks deplete that situation will probably change.
  10. As if anything contrary was ever going to happen 8O by the time the Governments finished with its delays and cuts they'll have turned into rowing boats with an MFO Box lid slapped on the back.

    Should be just big enough to land a couple of seagulls :roll:
  11. Next you'll be suggesting that it will go over budget too.
  12. Any money saved by not giving an over-inflation pay rise could be channeled into the project.

    Stand by for more leaked scare stories and then political guff about hard choices and prioritising spending. Better quarters or body armour, pay rise or aircaft carriers, more infantry bns or armoured vehicles to put them in.

    Bottom line is there isn't enough money and there won't be for at least three years because budget is set in stone. Ten year plan is setting quickly and it is no better.
  13. and that Navy brass are already muttering about forced sale to er, someone, because they doubt they will have the manning level to run the damn things.

    Cynics however suggest this might have more to do with the notion to have most of the expensive toys that go zoom being RAF, not Fleet Air Arm.
  14. I wouldn't necessarily agree that it is the largest gap in UK defence capability but this is certainly very disappointing news.

    Sadly, this is the most high profile of many other critical capabilities being delayed, eroded or cancelled by the current government. Despite assertions that we'd get all the kit we needed for current ops, this includes very important capabilities which are saving lives NOW in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    About the only thing going for CVF as far as this govt goes is it's importance to jobs. The ships have already been compromised in that they lack defensive capabilities (unlike the French equivalent) and, sadly, I wonder if they'll ever see the light of day.

    Manning for CVF is a real issue for the RN, especially when wider fleet capabilities are concerned. If we're not careful, by 2030 the RN will be reduced to 1 x CVF, 3 x SSBN, 4 x T45 and a handful of other vessels. Although it probably wouldn't have saved much cash, I've always felt that opting for 2 smaller CVF each of 40 000K (that is still twice the size of the Invincible class and the same tonnage as Charles de Gaulle and the USN amphib carriers), would have been a more realistic option. At least some of the politics surrounding forming a new company capable of meeting the production requirements for the planned 65 000 ton vessels could have been avoided.

    However, I readily admit I'm not a ship building expert and await Not a Boffin to comment with more authority.

    What grips me most is that op commitments emain enormous, HMG has not removed any of our assigned Military Tasks, Russia is flexing its muscles again, the 2012 Olympics will require considerable assistance from us for homeland defence, and yet we're told there's no money and 'we have to be realistic'. In the next breath, HMG finds £19B to bail out Northern Rock.

    Defence procurement could be significantly improved and I think Drayson was making significant progress. But we can't make progress when HMG keeps demanding more cuts to even the most short term of plans.

    Somebody somewhere needs to take a reality pill and provide the funding to enable some medium-long term funding stability. Then some long term savings can be made.

  15. I do not believe that the enemy within ever had any intention of buying the carriers.

    they will delay and delay and then turn around and claim that they are no longer needed as the RN have been allocated specific roles within an overal EU defence policy which does not include carriers.

    The RN will then be relient on the French carriers in the event it deploys on an EU approved operation.

    I will give 10 pounds to charity if these carriers ever appear operationally in the fleet.