Carrier Strike Group Looks Forward to a Busy Autumn in Indo-Pacific and Middle East

With four months of activity alongside allies and partners successfully completed, the UK Carrier Strike Group (CSG), led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, is preparing for a series of engagements with Singapore, India and Oman this a…

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Euro Atlantic, Middle East, Indo Pacific - all busy. Beijing gets all hot and bothered about other countries operating warships in international waters, Russian activity in the Atlantic continues to increase, and does anyone know what the Iranians are up to?

Just think, in 2010 out defence policy was to get rid of the means of responding to crises.
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I have only just clicked on the link to the MOD page.

The Task Group will undertake F35 exercises with Oman and UAE air forces in the Gulf, and maritime training alongside the Royal Navy of Oman. Simultaneously the British Army will be taking part in exercises with Royal Army of Oman units which will link back to the ship to demonstrate interoperability between land and sea forces.

Given Iranian submarine capabilities, the embarked ASW helicopters and the towed array equipped frigates and SSN that are part of CSG21 may also be of interest to allies.


UK Defence Journal: British aircraft carrier and strike group visit Singapore

UK’s Minister for Asia, Amanda Milling and Royal Air Force (RAF) Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston, are also in Singapore tomorrow, and will meet with senior military officials from Singapore onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth. Amongst her engagements in Singapore, Minister Milling will also lead the UK’s contribution to a think-tank roundtable, covering themes of ASEAN, regional security and prosperity, and the UK’s role in the Indo-Pacific. Whilst onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Air Chief Marshal Wigston will receive an operational update from 617 Squadron detailing how the F-35 Lightning has been integrated and operated throughout the deployment.

I wonder if ASW is part of the FPDA exercises? Both Singapore and Malaysia operate submarines, as do the Australians, and the Chinese PLA (Navy) has a large and expanding force of all types of submarine.

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