Carrier Ops - U2, A-10 and C-130 :)


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In 2011 , en route to Bastion we pulled in at RAF Akrotiri.

There, on the runway , was a familiar looking black skinny fuselage with a ludicrous wing-span.

Most interesting thing was listening to the young squaddies wondering what the hell it was ? :-D

I had never seen U2's operating from carriers prior to this video; not sure if it was a regular operational choice or just a 'nice to have ' capability.

And the footage discusses A-10 conversions ( to the old RN Phantom F-4 role in effect) - but there is no public footage of Warthogs operating at sea that I am aware of.

I knew the C-130 had been there ,done that. But always slightly amazing to watch :)
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A-10’s were used for maritime surveillance and patrols in the Philippines 5 or 6 years ago, they were land based though.

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