Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Mar 24, 2004.

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  1. Your not kidding, have you seen the jowels on the big block of lard.

    I don't think its just sausages she has a penchant for, I think its everything in the pie & toffee shop.

    I noted the RE capbadge, one can only assume she is a working model of a piece of bridging equipment :D

    All that aside, I'll have a nosh if there's one going.... no need to ask if you like your back doors banging in if you're a WRAC...goes without saying :D
  2. Wheres the pic of this supposed lardster, i'd hate to pass comment without having a neb.
  3. here i am - i changed the pic just for all you "eager to see the lardster" for yourself, only i lost a few pounds - n yes darlings that me - oh and no im not in the RE!

    oh i cant believe it - i feels so privaledged that i got a column about me - woo! :lol: :lol: :lol: :p :wink:
  4. Do you walk around like that all the time? Mask must feel hot and uncomfortable? Why do you wear it? Burns victim?
  5. or moose?

    arent you supposed to wear it on the back of your head to stop tigers from attacking you from behind?
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's fcuk all lardy........I've had three. I've nearly as many fans as you have courses at tea time.
  7. oh baddass, ur so nice :wink: ,
    i bet ur one of a kind on this................ let u work that out, thats if u got a brain! :evil:
  8. gunny n turp, ur totally right, im a burns victim moose, i cant believe u actually guessed, im so ashamed!
  9. Shut it 'two heads'.
  10. ok now im just larfing at how crap u sound, does anyone acvtally listen to you - bet ur either a sh*tty private or someone who thinks the can take the piss out of someone n u expect em to listen, but they dont, coz even they think ur a total tosser, or ur gay!
  11. Judging by the amount of responses from you........I'd say that you were listening (well, reading).

    Thick Northern Monkey.
  12. Out of order with that one mate, shes clearly just a retard who thinks it majorly important to type the same why she speaks when out with her cool ACF friends "ere r yo, shuttit coz i sed so" :lol:
  13. Now, you've got to be yanking my chain??!! Have you gone back and read your comments since arriving at ARRSE? Your command of English is extremely poor.
  14. carrielcantspeakenglish,

    I have a feeling in my water that your just about to steal someone's crown in the 'hated and taunted' department. You don't get emotional by any chance?
  15. couldnt be arrsed to get emotional over squaddies - certain members of the army have ripped me up before - but i got my revenge and now they regret it - whats the point!